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Just Food challenges Douglas County residents to live on food-stamplike grocery budget

George, what is the source of that $23,000 per poor person per year? Just curious.

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Homosexuals in Boy Scouts a Bad Idea

Reason has hit upon a wonderful rhetorical device: write a blog entry so full of mistakes that his critics (myself included) don't know where to begin!

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Education department challenges 'innovative districts' law

Which educators Dave? What local school districts? Maybe the same ones who don't want the common core science standards...ya think?

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KU Wind Ensemble nets New York Times review, plans local encore show

Congratulations to the band, the conductor and the composer!

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Statehouse Live: Labor groups suffer blow in Kansas House

KSManimal, Exactly! I assume LJWorld reporters can read. If that is a correct assumption then I am left with the conclusion that information about the rest of the bill is being edited out.

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House committee approves bill that would prohibit teachers union from using voluntary paycheck donations for political advocacy

KSManimal, Exactly. Everyone focuses on the payroll deduction aspect of the bill but Scott should have focused on the third page which clearly says:


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KU's new curriculum will have ripple effects on academic departments, graduate students

Actually teaching assistant-ships are critical in many departments for graduate student support so I wouldn't pick on the English department here.

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2012 Photos of the Year - Mike Yoder

Thanks Mike! Great job. We don't need to see any other reviews of 2012. ;-) ;-)

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Fewer butterflies this year at Monarch Watch’s tagging event

I have fennel for the swallow tails. This year I added a couple of rue plants for them but I never saw them on it-just my fennel which is in the same area of the garden. Do they feed on your rue?

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