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Digital divide: Not everyone views Internet, smartphones as advances

I'm 29 years old - finally got Internet at home about 2 years ago, and, like Mr. Steele, I'm hoping my flip cellphone doesn't break so I don't have to upgrade. The new technology is fine and the advantages are obvious, but I think I'm going to hold out a few more years before I embrace it. I like being behind the curve and am rather proud of my 5-year-old, seemingly indestructible flip phone.

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Kansas' Biggest Rodeo keeps community alive

It's great to see coverage of Phillipsburg and the rodeo. I was born and raised there (and live in eastern KS now) and my husband and I attended Saturday night. The monkeys riding dogs that were herding sheep was strange but entertaining...one of the dogs rolled over completely, but somehow the monkey stayed on. The announcer said they weren't tied on... maybe glue or Velcro?

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