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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

I think most are missing the obvious. Free speech is protected by law no matter what we think of what he said. Our personal opinions about the content of the tweet matter not at all. On the other hand, I am tired of social media in general. As I tell little ones in my classroom all the time, just because you think it doesn't mean you should say it out loud. As a society, we have abandoned the filter that allows discourse in favor of 10 minutes of "fame." If Guth had expressed his sentiments without resorting to wishing death upon children, the focus would be on the sentiment, not the ramification for the University. Or this would be a non-story and Guth would have missed his 10 minutes. Which brings me back to my original point, just because you are thinking it doesn't mean that we all want to hear it, even if you have the right to say it.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

Great read! Thanks for posting.

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Kansas Senate advances expansion of concealed carry of guns

The January 16 Time magazine was on gun use and control. Very interesting statistics showing that even police officers with all of their training in stressful situations and with hours and hours on firing ranges are not as good or reliable shots when being fired at. It examines the body's reaction to extreme stress and the difficulty of making the right choices with cortisol raging through your system. The article goes on to point out that keeping teachers certified and even up to the training level of a police officer would be extremely difficult. An armed teacher is only as good as the training they receive and there is not enough out there to keep them ready. Also, do you want the police when they arrive to begin trying to assess who the bad guy is? How many guns will there be and how do we know who is who in the heat of the moment? A recipe fro tragedy. Can you imagine the outcry on this website or nationwide if a teacher with a gun was accidently shot by a responding officer?

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Editorial: Bond reservations

And why do we need to spend more on LFSHS than LHS?!! It is one of the newest schools in the district. Apparently, they don't know how to build schools that will pass the test of time. Amazing.

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Adair wants focus on early childhood education

Her own daughters attend private preschool.

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Measure would start stem cell research center at KU Med

Noncontroversial? The funding is "not secured." Where are they going to come up with a new 1.1 million? Are you planning to donate? At this point, I can't believe anyone is planning for new spending. We can't afford the current budget.

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Editorial: Armored and ready

And, I am quite disappointed with the tone of this editorial. That the writer thought it OK to joke about the safety of the officers of this town is so very inappropriate. If you disagree with the purchase, do it with sincerity and back it up. To turn it into a joke is a slap in the face to the officers Lawrence and the family members who sit at home waiting for them to walk through the door.

The word is out to Kansas City and Topeka area thieves that the residents of Lawrence don't:
1. Lock doors to homes
2. Lock doors to vehicles
3. Leave valuables, $ and electronics in open view in vehicles overnight.
4. Leave garage door openers in vehicles overnight.

In other words, we are easy pickings. The homicide tally in KC is 87 so far. Let's hope that stays there. But if not, I want the officers responding to the next stand-off with a weapon safe.

As the writer stated, it is sad that we cannot think of ourselves as an "idyllic college town." However, it is time to wake up to reality. How many tragedies do we have to observe in other college towns before we realize that really could be us? Again, we are so lucky that the recent movie shooting did not happen in Lawrence. He applied to KU and had he been here, it could have been our movie theater that was the target. I don't know how more real the threat is going to have to be before some in the town takes it seriously. Sadly, I think it will take the "tragedy" to which the writer refers before an attitude shift happens for many. Finally, it is very sad that this editorial perpetuates this attitude by joking around.

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Editorial: Armored and ready

Read again. The vehicle was purchased to protect the officers who have to respond to the call. No where was it stated that it was preventative other than preventing harm to officers. Frankly, we are lucky that the recent movie shooting did not happen in Lawrence. He had applied to KU and had he been here, it could have been our movie theater that was the target. As you stated we are not the safe small town of 25 - 100 years ago. In 2011 55/134 law enforcement fatalities were firearms related. So far in 2012, 35/99 law enforcement fatalities have been firearms related.

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The big picture

And how long ago was it that the city split the PD into 2 buildings? The city has known that the PD had outgrown their space for a very long time. This need should have been made known LONG ago when we were voting on the T and maybe even when we voted on the city golf course. All of these mean even less $ to be spent for the PD who by the city's own words have been "underfunded" for a very long time. Was anybody else shocked by the 50 to 70 events a year stat? That is at least one per week, sometimes more! No wonder the PD has staffing problems. All their officers are standing at corners blocking traffic for parades, runners and bikers. If these events pay for themselves, as someone is sure to comment in response, then I wonder why the PD is not getting funded?

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Shelter leader makes case for funding

Here's an investigation for the LJW. It is common for other police agencies in surrounding towns and counties, including Johnson, to drive transients to Lawrence rather than deal with them in their own communities. The state hospital provides bus tickets to Lawrence. Dealing with our own makes sense, but I don't think our community should have to pay for the entire NE Kansas region. This problem needs some exposure before the public and the commission can make funding decisions. If you build it, they will come or in this case, they will get dropped off downtown.

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