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Local Verizon, AT&T cell phone users having trouble getting connected

AT&T has 3 towers w/issues. They told me they would be back up and running by 7:12 P.M. this evening. When I pointed out that I am paying for unlimited data, texting, etc., they gave me a credit for my inconvenience.

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Jury clears county workers in case heard in U.S. District Court

Oh how I would absolutely LOVE it if a taxpayer counter-sued this man for wasting our tax dollars on these lawsuits.

November 11, 2008 at 4:45 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

District makes case for raising taxes

Good grief. Here we go again. The teachers in our community believe their salaries need to be increased once again. $48,348 sounds like pretty good salary compared to a lot of the jobs in this community. And this is for 9 MONTHS!!! What about the other district employees -- the secretaries, the janitors, etc.? When do they get a decent raise? Our taxes continue to increase, then we are required to pay textbook rental fees (didn't we already purchase the textbooks with our tax dollars?); we are charged extra for band, art, technology classes, etc. I agree that teachers need to be paid a good salary, but they never seem to think it's good enough. Of course the Kansas City area pays better -- they're bigger communities!

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Pedestrian injured in 23rd Street accident

Retta is correct in her statements, as is the young man that was nearly hit. Traffic was backed up in the eastbound lane of 23rd Street and the left turn signal just turned green. Those of you who just assume they were turning onto Vermont are incorrect -- they were approaching Mass St. Vermont just happens to be the point of impact. I had just turned right off of Mass onto 23rd Street when I saw two boys with orange cones on their heads come out from between the stopped cars darting across the street. (They were on Vermont St. crossing 23rd -- south heading north). The gentleman that hit the boy was absolutely devastated as was the passenger in his vehicle. I'm so thankful to read that Matt will be ok. When I saw the accident, I was afraid his injuries would be much, much worse.

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