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51 measures proposed for repeal, but not law criminalizing gay sex

Your right. Sodomy is an additional charge used when prosecuting sexual assault.

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51 measures proposed for repeal, but not law criminalizing gay sex

What's Up with the JW trashing Brownback everyday?

If Homosexual Sodomy is protected by the feds, then it's the hetro Sodomites who should be asking for Equal rights in Kansas.

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Ex-Dillons employee gets probation

Lets say he worked 20 days a month on average. He would have had to be skiming $150.00 a day. How does that go unchecked for 10 months?

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Almost $5,000 in copper stolen from GSP

5k is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars embezzled every year at KU. I bet if the copper thieves get caught they would get longer sentences then those from the ticket scandal.

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Robbery reported at the Buckle

Topeka Man?

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Lawrence homeless shelter director hopeful about raising $800,000 in fewer than six weeks

Their downtown neighbors and the city should be happy to help them raise the funds. Combined property values in the area would increases at least $800,000.00 not to mention the increased revenue from shoppers who have been avoiding downtown because of panhandling. I think the proposed location is great!

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Lawrence school district to consider tax rebate for Masonic Temple overhaul

Huh, So Compton is losing money on something listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Good thing the building is concrete.

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