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Lawrence to host meeting on proposed sewage pump station near 31st and Louisiana

I hope it works better then the pump station at the airport which has to be emptied by a septic service every week or so.

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Charges not yet filed in drug case at local day care

The woman definitely has the entrepreneurial spirit.

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It’s the time of year to watch out for deer

Poached Deer Meat Tastes the Best ;)

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More home burglaries reported

It’s Interesting to see than none of the 88 burglaries happened in North Lawrence. The map shows a direct correlation with home ownership and crime rates. If you know the names of most of the people on the block, you’re much less likely to have something like this happen. Lawrence has one of the lowest home owner rates in the state and with 1000+ apartment under construction it going to stay that way.

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A road to better wetlands

Lawrence will step aside for progressive development only after expensive litigation.

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A road to better wetlands


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Obama off base on drug legalization

I Love to Hear the Left Trash Obama!

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Affinitas layoffs, closure in works

Most of the employees will sit around for 99 weeks on unemployment, and then find a dead end job. It’s pathetic that some of the largest employers in Lawrence are call centers that could close any day. I hope they bring in companies to the old farmland site that pay a good wage. If they keep overbuilding the rental housing and do not provide good blue collar jobs; there will be a huge under employed / unemployed underclass in Lawrence.

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Sound Off: It appears two people are living in trailers parked on Massachusetts Street in front of S

The demographics in Lawrence is what we should talking about not what’s in the bucket. Lawrence has some of the highest housing cost in the state as well as some of the highest percentage of people living in poverty.
The guys living in Campers collecting disability on Mass are working just as hard as the trust funders in West Lawrence.

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