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Senate halts debate on spending cuts, tax package; Kansas' credit outlook revised to 'negative'

They will just blame someone/something else, and their hooplehead followers will lap up any lies they are told, per usual.

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Editorial: Trump’s games are dangerous

“Alternative facts” = truth relativism. The people defending Trump in this regard are unwittingly declaring that they stand for the triumph of post-modernism.

Thank you to the Journal World for the reasoned response here.

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Letter to the editor: Trump fraud

LOL! You gullibles will believe anything.

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Brownback fully supports outdoor recreation center proposal for Clinton State Park

"I love the idea" followed by "Now you’ve got to make all the numbers work."

This is a terrible idea, but even if it wasn't, he shows a core problem with the Brownback method here. He's completely backwards. First you investigate the numbers and data objectively to 'make them work', trying to figure out if this is a viable idea or sound investment in a community. Then, if the numbers check out, you love the idea and pursue it.

Moot point anyway. Crony Capitalism is a feature, not a bug, of Kochlandia. Kansas government has been captured by private interests who want to destroy government functionality so they privatize and kleptocrat our state.

Btw, Stephen Moore and his Kansas tax plans are probably going national....the Kansas virus will spread to the whole country. Buckle Up Buckaroos!

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A look at what a downtown grocery store would look like and details of a new lawsuit aiming to stop it

"The Residences, at The Lofts, in sodasopa."

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Lawrence-area Democratic senators face conservative challengers

"Van Meteren said she supports Brownback's tax and economic policies, saying she believes they are starting to produce positive results."

That alone should be enough for her to be crushed in November.

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Feds charge former Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer with embezzlement

'I have seen situations in KC where an individual who was manic got ahold of a functioning non profits presidency and bulldozed a board of directors into letting them severely financially damage that non profit thru poor decisions, in less than one years time .'

This kind of happens everywhere, including Lawrence, fwiw.

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Lawrence City Commission to review plans for another two-lane roundabout

Fred, you're wrong. Modern roundabouts are safer. You just don't like them because you are unfamiliar with them.

Realize that as you prattle on about 'near misses', what you are actually saying is that even when people are messing up while using roundabouts, they are still not getting in wrecks. By design, roundabouts make dangerous, high speed, high impact crashes far less likely to occur.

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Opinion: Open letter to the Republican Party

Scott, I don't understand your metaphor. Who exactly are the 'slaves on the plantation' that you speak of?

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