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Man convicted in Jewish site killings sentenced to death

Source: Bob Smith's ass.

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Alumni, community petition seeks KU student leaders' resignations; status of hunger strike unclear

There is one huge difference; Brownback actually has power in this state and is actually exercising it in an authoritarian way.

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City board to hear proposal on restricting plastic bags in Lawrence

Banning plastic bags is bad policy. Don't do it.

If you look at places that have established disposable plastic bag bans, what routinely happens is that people go from throwing away lightweight, disposable plastic bags to throwing away heavy, reusable plastic bags (lookup Austin Texas for instance). Not only does this not solve the (perceived) plastic bag problem, it wastes money, and ironically is worse for the environment as heavier bags are more resource intensive to produce, and increased weight wastes fuel in transport/disposal (especially when considering that we are talking about millions of bags in total, over the decades).

If you want to try to convince people to use reusable bags, that is great. But if you simply try to force people into the behavior you want them to have, you will be sorely disappointed that this often won't work, and will also have unintended consequences worse than the original problem.

Besides, this is really a meaningful issue in Lawrence? Plastic bags can be recycled or thrown away. If the latter, they will go to Hamm's landfill, which has no capacity issue. Bags tossed in Lawrence won't contribute to ocean pollution, or 95% of what people perceive as the environmental harm stemming from the bags. If people aren't disposing of them properly, that is a separate issue, but banning everyone from using them to solve that problem is obvious overkill, imo.

Finally, paper bags use more energy to produce, are heavier/denser for transport and waste, produce more emissions/use more fossil fuels in production. Plastic bags are a non-issue, a minor annoyance for Lawrence at worst.

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Trends suggest Kansas headed for more budget difficulties

'such as shuffling money among various government accounts'

And how does that generate new revenue to deal with the manufactured crisis of budget shortfalls?

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Olathe couple says move to Arkansas led to 2-state voting

Yes, you should only vote in one locale per election...but this was very likely an accident (i.e. the couple didn't mean to break the law). What a farce to treat a handful of accidental double voting cases like widespread 'fraud' that needs to be criminally dealt with.

The only real fraud here is disenfranchising 30,000+ people by creating disingenuous laws that cause far more harm then the conjured up problem they are supposedly fixing.

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New study suggests women getting raw deal on pay issues in Kansas

This site really needs an edit button for comments:

*our nation's children

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New study suggests women getting raw deal on pay issues in Kansas

>You have to factor in that women and men aren’t drawn to the same professions in equal numbers.

This comment always make me wonder why so few people ask, "Why is it okay to continually underpay professions dominated by women?"

Are the nurses that care for the sick not valuable, or teachers that instruct that nation's children?

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Letter: State fiasco

Personally, I vote that we rename it Kochlandia.

Not that voting will necessarily be allowed, of course.

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Letter: Not ‘experiments’

Reality would beg to differ.

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