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Trump disparages African countries, Haiti with vulgarity

Immigrants, even from countries that racists & hoopleheads don't like, are very much a net strength for our country:

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GOP leaders now backing Moore, despite sexual misconduct allegations; 'We need his vote'

Because regardless of your respective self-identity, you still aren't allowed grab, grope, or sexually engage other people without their consent. And men in their 30s can't sexually engage 14 year olds at all, because--in addition to being perverse and wrong--14 year-olds aren't old enough to legally provide their own consent.

I used to think this was something that everyone understood, but it turns out that a bulk of conservatives apparently (and shockingly) don't. I'm happy to help clarify further if this is a difficult concept for you Bob.

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Flynn pleads guilty, is cooperating in Trump campaign probe

This is perhaps the most significant development yet; for Flynn to be able to plea guilty to this lesser charge, it means he had inculpatory evidence against either several people at the same level--of which there are few people that fit this bill--or against people higher up in the administration than him, i.e., Trump and/or Pence.

You don't let people plea out to lesser charges to catch a smaller fish. This will go down as a historic development. #LockHimUp

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Letter to the editor: Our vulgar leader

Trump made that comment in 2005, when he was 59 years old.

The substance of his comment basically describes the same sexual assault behavior he was accused of from several women--that he would randomly grab their genitalia when he got them alone (among other sexual behaviors/harassment).

He was accused, evidence of him bragging about such behavior came out, and millions of people shrugged and voted for him anyway. This speaks more about the moral turpitude and decay of contemporary conservatives and evangelicals than it does Trump's failings--anyone paying attention knew of his nefarious, crooked history anyway.

But you are right--he shouldn't be removed from office because of this horrible video that people like you shrugged away as meaningless (he just should have never been elected). He should be removed from office--and thrown in prison--because of his crimes and treasons with a foreign enemy that undermined the very core of our democracy. #LockHimUp

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At least 59 killed, 527 wounded as gunman opens fire at Las Vegas concert; worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history

Those weren't reports, they were lies and propaganda--first attributed to the wrong person entirely. The second wave of lies were that he was a recent convert to Islam...which you'll probably start regurgitating soon enough.

Those lies spread like wildfire because of people like you Bob, who have no interest in facts, but rather in interpreting all things through your pre-conceived dogmas.

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State workers at site of shooting had guards, security until Kansas' privatization push

Bob also seems to be implying that if you get upset about your taxes, shooting government employees that work for tax agencies is perfectly reasonable.

Irony is that they weren't even his taxes--they were sale taxes his customers paid. I get that Ayn Rand style idiocy has poisoned enough American minds that people think that infrastructure, essential services, police and fire departments, etc., are "theft"(even though, in this case, the business owner was the theif), but its rare to see someone affected by such idiocy be so honestly permissive about the use of violence as a potential solution to these imaginary problems.

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White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

Because BLM ISN'T a black nationalism movement, its a call to stop unjustly shooting black people. The people behind that poster link directly to white nationalists.

In police departments across the nation, the culture of brotherhood must be replaced by a culture of accountability, or 1) injustice will continue to win out and 2) police departments will continue to lose legitimacy and good relationships with their communities. Even if you think BLM is full of it, you want PDs to have good relationships with their communities, right? The culture of brotherhood--which forces the 90% of good cops to side with the 10% of bad cops when those bad cops do bad things--destroys that potential.

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White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

Isn't it funny how the folks that listen to Hannity and other liars all day also constantly use the same Soviet-style propaganda techniques that their dear leaders and propagandists do? Coincidence I'm sure!

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White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

Incorrect premises followed by a racist, incorrect conclusion. That you don't see a problem with it speak more about you than the poster itself. And vis-a-vis the types of groups posting it, "we have a right to exist" is a step or two away from "we have a right to make sure you don't exist here in our "white" countries", which comes across as implied violence to alot of people that sentiment will be directed at.

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White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

I understand that people who are fed Hannity/Fox/Info Wars lies and propaganda all day might have missed it, but even if you ignore history and only want a contemporary example, here you go Bob!

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