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Lawrence fourth-graders start discussion at City Hall about plastic bag ban

Just as long as we all agree that it would be an anti-littering policy, and don't pretend it is anything more.

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Looking at what may be next now that voters have rejected new sales tax for jail, mental health improvements

Split the vote, make the language specific for what each vote is paying for. A single question designed to create a big pot of money to be spent over a bunch of projects because that is easier for county decision makers is a no go imo.

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Looking at what may be next now that voters have rejected new sales tax for jail, mental health improvements

Sales taxes are regressive is the truth. Sorry you're bored with the old news about the fact that it hurts the working class and poor especially to hike up taxes on their food and daily items. I understand most of the decision makers in this county would just as well pretend the poor doesn't exist when making decisions. Fortunately the populace feels differently.

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Lawrence fourth-graders start discussion at City Hall about plastic bag ban

These kids are making a good gesture and are learning and trying to help, and that is a nice story. I love that they got to give a presentation to the City Commission.

However, the adults nodding along and thinking this is a good policy should realize that our town isn't that large, isn't on a bay or coast, and has a large amount of landfill space available relative to the population it serves--and none of our trash winds up dumped in the ocean. While it makes sense in some places, for Lawrence plastic bag bans are a pretend solution to a non-problem. Unless of course things are so good in Lawrence that seeing a plastic bag as litter a few times a month randomly is a huge problem here--personally, I think we've got bigger fish to fry.

Besides, I doubt the behavioral economics of the situation would pan out. It is hard to find good data on the subject, but I'd suspect the number of people who'd just throw away thicker, re-usable plastic bags that cost a dime would mitigate the gains from those that that re-use the bags--or they'd switch to paper bags, which are much more resource intensive to produce and much heavier. The thicker plastic bags used in Austin Texas, for instance, are manufactured overseas and shipped here--the carbon foot-print of transporting heavier re-usable plastic bags is probably worse than just using very light-weight bags that are manufactured much closer to their endpoint--same with paper bags on the collections end.

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KU researchers say 'intolerant' attitudes, not economic anxieties, fueled Trump's 2016 victory

Trump's intolerant authoritarianism is a feature, not a bug, for his followers.

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Auditors unable to analyze KanCare data because documentation is so poor

If they can't even keep good basic records, you know there is no way they can provide good consistent services.

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Three boutiques closing up shop in downtown Lawrence; one owner talks about need for change with downtown rents

Almost certainly meant to say May through August, imo.

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Letter to the editor: Enough cages

Dead wrong Greg! Obama was such an evil genius he figured out a way to tank the economy months before he even became president. Obviously it had nothing to do with the immoral, corrupt, illegal behavior that financial institutions were able to engage in and mask by combining technical complexity with systematic fraud.

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Letter to the editor: Least bad option

It is a contrivance, but I think they've waffled on it more than acknowledged it--I think there is some attempt as a weasley interpretative argument--the commission interprets that the current jail doesn't meet statutory requirements and argue this makes a new jail a 'legal requirement', even though an actual legal requirement to build a new jail doesn't exist.

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Kansas lawmakers drop effort to make Kobach pay contempt fine

He actually has a great chance if it is a 3-way race. I think that dems should do something asymmetric and different--if Orman runs, don't run a candidate for governor and sink all your resources into winning house and local races. Sadly, doubt that will happen, and I think Kobach will become governor.

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