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Only one developer submits proposal for resort at Clinton Lake State Park

Don't need it and don't want it. To all the people who say they are too disabled to back their own boats into the water, you can easily rent a boat at the marina for hours or days at a time and they gas it up and have it on the water ready for you with just a phone call and credit card. We have a marina to service the lake, we don't need more development turning this little oasis right outside town into a commercial venture that will spoil the draw of the lake. I've boated at the lake for the better part of 12 years now and more commercial development would ruin it for me and a lot of other people as well.

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Baker Wetlands manager dismantles boardwalk he built as a boy scout

weeds, native prairie, sometimes a temporary floodplain...

Mostly just land ripe for development.;

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Lawrence man, among the few ticketed for Fourth of July fireworks, awaits his day in court

Well, the Chinese did invent fireworks so it only seems fitting. Error 404, irony not found.

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More than a decade after a citywide ban, fireworks still making noise in Lawrence

It is ok to shoot off fireworks. Sucks about your dog though. We had a dog who hated fireworks when we were kids and we made sure to either put her in the basement or take her to friends a few miles away (we lived in the country). There are always options out there to either isolate the noise from your animals or remove them from the situation. I shudder to think how horrible it must be when thunderstorms occur for your pet as well if it is that sensitive to the noise.

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Retirement home residents sue Kobach over law requiring photo ID to vote

None of which have your photo on them.

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City considering $3.5 million swap with KDOT on West Sixth Street

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here. Hell NO! No more friggin traffic lights on west 6th street. That used to be a nice drive out of town to either the lake or the turnpike and now its gas, brake, gas, brake, all the way out to the overpass. There are already too many traffic lights out there. We don't need another one heading into bauer farms. Make everyone who needs to get in there, myself included, go down a block or two and hit the light at walkarusa or the one at folks road.

I am down for a traffic light at the overpass because it is a congested mess after 4:30 pm, but no more on the drive heading out of town. There are already too many as it is.

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State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

I boat there and ski/tube there regularly and see a lot of others doing so. It's definitely not too choppy, but if it is windy, there are areas you can go to mitigate the whitecaps and chop and still ski and tube and have fun. I'd vote no, the lake is small enough, putting a resort on it would make it that much smaller.

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City approves Menards store next to Home Depot at 31st and Iowa streets

“When you do your shopping in Lawrence, you go down to South Iowa Street,” Edwards said.

Nope. I rarely go down Iowa street unless it's to buy shoes.

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Location of Superman's hometown sparks geographic divide

I've never heard of Smallville being in Iowa. It's always been in Kansas afaik.

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