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FSHS football drops to No. 2 after 1st loss

This is fairly impressive: Game called at halftime, still scored 43 pts.

#1 Holton (5-0)
Last: beat Perry-Lecompton 43-6
Holton beat Perry-Lecompton 43-6 in a game called at halftime after a long weather delay. The Wildcats scored 28 points in the second quarter. Holton rushed for 280 yards in the first half. Brenden Hampton rushed for three touchdowns and returned a kickoff 80 yards for another score.

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

If you are lactose intolerant, you are normal. Lots of abnormal people around in the 60's it seems.

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Douglas County Dental Clinic's Free Dental Day set to be the biggest yet

Why do only the poor get to benefit from this free service? Why should I have to pay my deductible for dental work if I can get it done for free and only have to stand outside the building and play on my ipad while waiting for the service?

I can then use the money I've saved to go get a nice ribeye and a half pound of king crab legs and feast!

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

I can't think of a reason. Nothing but dirty hippies and "the scene" which, if you aren't in college, doesn't really matter.

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Lawrence man charged with attempting to burglarize two Lawrence homes early today

How is it that last year he faced up to 11 years in prison for what he did, but this time around, same type of setup, he only faces up to 34 months. Something is broken here.

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$1,200 in copper stolen from KU campus building

thieves and scrappers...
By the way, is scrapping the only job you have, or just something you do to make extra money. I ask because I go to a lot of auctions and sales and there is often a lot of scrap they sell for mere pennies and I wonder if I could make a killing doing this more on weekends.

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Lawrence residents say new garbage cans are stinking up the city

Really? I hadn't heard this. I regularly flick the kitty litter directly into the can and dump the vaccum cleaner contents into the can directly and sweep out the garage and dump it directly into the can, etc. I don't recall a notice saying we had to use bags. I just wash the can out every month or so and it sits in front of the garage anyway so not really an issue.

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School district wrestling with network outages

Yep, thats what happens when you mix stale cookies with RG5 cables. They can't handle the packet i/o and collide which causes the intermittent loss. Seen it tons of times before, normally we upgrade these setups to token ring and limit the flow with a K56flex modem. Hopefully someone here will have half a brain and take these suggestions to heart.

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Only one developer submits proposal for resort at Clinton Lake State Park

Boat rental is $80 a half day at council grove lake, plus you get to enjoy the drive there via the scenic flint hills. Whats that, 33.4 cents a minute plus fuel?

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Only one developer submits proposal for resort at Clinton Lake State Park

Don't need it and don't want it. To all the people who say they are too disabled to back their own boats into the water, you can easily rent a boat at the marina for hours or days at a time and they gas it up and have it on the water ready for you with just a phone call and credit card. We have a marina to service the lake, we don't need more development turning this little oasis right outside town into a commercial venture that will spoil the draw of the lake. I've boated at the lake for the better part of 12 years now and more commercial development would ruin it for me and a lot of other people as well.

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