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Lawrence City Commission weighs who should pay $5 million cost to improve suburban road

As a homeowner in the area, I agree completely. We need less stoplights on this stretch of road past Wakarusa, not more. Somewhat related, and I don't think roundabouts are the solution either, but something needs to be down to slow down the myriad of people flying down the street at 60+ mph daily on their way in or out of the city.

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As rare cicadas begin to emerge, KU researchers, students examine the insects

How rare is it when something happens like clockwork every 17 years? I would say unfrequent, but definitely not rare.

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Spike in flu cases prompts LMH to require masks when visiting patients

A week to 10 days is what I was told today.

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Ferguson businesses torched in overnight protests

I think I mainly agree with you, but there are other issues.

People who live this way by and large don't want to change. They are comfortable with screwing the system, taking handouts, and living how they do. There have been numerous news stories and news shows about people, who, given the chance to succeed, end up blowing it and going back to the way they were because its what they know and how they are most comfortable. Until we find a way to penalize people with this mindset and belief system that the government and society owes them something, and somehow force people, kicking and screaming, to be productive members of society, they have no reason to change.

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Grand jury won't indict Ferguson cop in shooting

So true. This is just an excuse for civil disobedience for a large majority of the "protesters".

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City to consider roundabout for portion of Kasold Drive; city wins big grants for trail projects

I use the intersection at Harvard and Kasold almost daily. The main problem with this intersection is that it is not a "square" intersection. People going southbound stop well after the stop sign many times and the stop sign is placed too far back from the intersection. If this intersection was squared up, I think it would function much better with the amount of traffic it sees.

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City to consider roundabout for portion of Kasold Drive; city wins big grants for trail projects

I have no problems towing a 33 foot trailer through that roundabout on Clinton Parkway behind a full sized truck without having to slow to a crawl. The traffic through that area just isn't that much the 15-20 times I've been through there this year.

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Saturday snow, winds prompt Winter Weather Advisory for Douglas County

Channel 41 news is already out at stores reporting low quantities of available bread and milk. Do people make bread pudding every time it snows?

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Recreation center at Rock Chalk Park attracts more than 50k visits in first month; another development plan filed for south Iowa

We were told the facility would have one court dedicated to free time/practice for the community every night while the others could be reserved. I wanted to practice shooting and dribbling with my 7 year old on Monday and come to find out only 1/2 of the "open" court is open. The other is "reserved" for pickup games and nightly non league games. I counted over 60 people trying to use 1/2 of a court (3 goals) which is an exercise in futility. The solution? I was told to try to show up between 10 and 2 pm when there is less traffic. Doesn't make any sense at all as my son is in school and I'm at work. They really need to open up another court for public use.

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Letter: Late Night behavior

I believe KU students should have first dibs. When doors open at whenever, for the first 30 minutes, let all the students in who want to go. They pay to go to school there, they should have first right of entry. Then, let everyone who brought food donations or paid for a ticket in. Lastly, if there is any more room, let everyone else in.

I'm not a student, but if I'm paying the cost of tuition to the university, I would hope it has certain perks, one of which would be early admission to late night.

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