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News of a Mexican restaurant for 31st Street; city commissioners struggle with idea of ad hoc committee for police headquarters issue

I'm wIth Mr. Boley. The police chief can bring all his expertise, but his view is from WITHIN the department. As someone who routinely works with community organizations and government, a fresh perspective can be the key to seeing solutions that are difficult to recognize or otherwise create. The executives mentioned are good examples who can bring that big picture PLUS resident/ voter perspective to the table. This idea gets MY vote.

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Jenkins defends senators for writing letter to Iran

Thank you for speaking up! I agree that treason is one of the nicer terms I would use to describe what our Senators from Kansas did. And the fact that Jenkins is defending them just shows her colors as well.

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Editorial: Botched effort

The more information that comes out about this project - the worse it sounds for the city. Paid parking, all concessions profits, very little control - only after Fritzel and KU assert THEIR controls. A city vote 20 years ago does not give the commissioners a blank check for 2013.

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