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Bicyclist injured in accident

One of the most selfish things I've ever heard anyone say is that "The tragedy is that the person that hits, and possibly kills, them has to live with that for their entire life." You know what the real tragedy is? That someone got hurt or killed. PERIOD.

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Do you sometimes use fuel with ethanol in your vehicle?

People aren't hungry because there's not enough food grown in the USA. There's plenty of food. People just can't afford it because of the enormous wealth disparity in this country, and the food they can afford is cheap, non-nutritious junk.

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Drunken-driving enforcement campaign ends with 18 DUI arrests

How is August 15 to September 2 a "monthlong" campaign?

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Officer injured early Sunday in Lawrence

How do you decide which words to capitalize?

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Letter: Flawed rule

Because you learned your lesson?

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Simons' Saturday Column: Obama’s decision on war important and complex

And yet the country is in better shape now than when we elected him. Amazing.

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And you think your utility bills are high?

I know people who work at KU in the summer who would LOVE it if their building was maintained at 78. One former co-worker showed me a picture of a thermometer they keep on their desk that showed their office at 86 degrees in the middle of the day.

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Home sales and home prices both continue to rise in Lawrence

What do you want them to do? List all 62 newly constructed homes that have sold, along with their prices? And then list the ones that sold last year, along with their prices? Stop being such a whiner and do some of your own research if you care so much.

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Higher education budget, new gun law among items to be discussed at upcoming regents retreat

You don't have to read it, you know. Just click a random answer.

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