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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

My number of comments here has decreased dramatically in recent months, and now must even further. It's one thing to force your commenters to identify themselves via Facebook; it's another thing entirely to leave your commenters at the mercy of anyone who decides to take offense to the most innocuous of statements. I'm not willing to put my family or my business at risk. Thanks for the memories, LJW. These online debates were fun while they lasted.

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Faith Forum: At college, is it OK to bring up religion in my dorm, scholarship hall, fraternity or sorority?

You assume that all we need to learn is in books, and that our own interpretations of these books is all we need to lead fulfilling, informed lives. Often, the perspectives and interpretations of others (about the books we are reading or the topics we are discussing) can be more valuable than our own.

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Letter: Stupid threat

He would have had no cause to make that statement about gays and minorities. They don't run around advocating for unfettered access to a product which has a sole purpose of wounding or killing.

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Anthropology Department opposes leave for Guth

Your right to bear arms isn't an unlimited pass to carry any weapon you choose wherever you want.

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Lawrence police investigating Tuesday robbery of pizza delivery driver

Why isn't it okay for both of you to walk away? That's what happened in this instance. Whipping out a gun to kill someone who just wants money and a pizza doesn't make you any better of a person.

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Westar residential rates would go up $3 per month under proposed settlement

Under the proposal, Westar will receive a $30.7 million rate increase...Of that increase, residential customers would pay approximately $18 million more; small general businesses, such as downtown stores, $12.7 million; medium-sized businesses, $3.9 million; large industrial customers, $3.2 million; cities and other street lighting customers, $2.1 million; and school districts, $500,000.

18+12.7+3.9+3.2+2.1+.5 = $40.4 million, not $30.7 million.

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Letter: Television rules

State (community) funding dries up more and more every year. Why should KU insist on a different time or figure some other way to accommodate the community when television funds more and more of the university each year?

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Regents support restoring cut university funds but back off flat tuition proposal

Tell that to the Republicans who took the funding away in the first place.

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State board says all teachers should be fingerprinted

"Unless they voluntarily disclose to us what they've been convicted of, we never know," Scott Gordon, an attorney for the department, said. "Have there been cases where a person has reapplied over and over for a license and we didn't know about certain convictions? Yes. That's a real thing."

Um, they're called background checks. Lots of businesses do them before they hire people, and you don't need fingerprints to run them.

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Report: State funding cuts to public schools in Kansas are fourth deepest in the nation

"The long-term goal is diminish the quality of Public Education in order to justify the "need" for voucher provided private and church based schooling."

While I agree with your first sentence, I think you have the long-term goal incorrect. They way I see it, they could care less if the populace is going to a public school or private/religious schools. What they want is a general dumbing down of the population so as to provide mindless employees who are simply grateful for that they will provide for little pay, long hours, sorry conditions, and poor (or no) benefits.

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