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KU press effective, but hardly the difference

Too many Prima Donnas on this team. Most of them think they are ready for the NBA, well guess what they aren't even ready to win the Big 12. They have been sleepwalking through all of their games. Coach needs to do something to make this team hungry for a win. Maybe bench all the starters and start the walkons for a game or two.

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Parkinson proposes sales, cigarette tax increases to start session

Tax something that you are trying to get people to stop doing? Get used to having the revenue for a short period of time. Finally reach your goal of getting everyone to stop smoking, but still needing the revenue they produced for you while they were still smoking. Now that's using your head and planning for the future.

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Gridiron Club raises $4 million so far, but project remains 'full speed ahead'

Instead of trying to entice all the high rollers who only come to watch the Hawks play football because its' the IN thing to do, the Athletic Dept should be coming up with better ideas to fill the stands with true fans. Even though the Hawks didn't win as much a few years ago it was more enjoyable to go to a game not to mention less expensive. The last couple of years have seen many more problems with fans (drinking rude remarks) than in years past. To me what has been done at Memorial Stadium by blocking the view of the Hill is a crying shame. Hopefully this Overpriced Gridiron club will die a natural death.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Three and out, maybe two. I wonder what a KU Football season ticket will be worth in 4 years or so.

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Report: KU's Perkins met with Gill on Sunday

Wouldn't a Coach that is really wanted and wants to come to KU be brought to Lawrence to look over the facilities. Would they actually hire someone without doing it in Lawrence. It doesn't make sense to me.
For the guy who thinks KU isn't a football school I would like to say this. It Never will be as long as we keep firing the Coach every few years. KU people have alot to learn when it comes to being football fans, from the students all the way to the High Dollar supporters.

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Wright’s role clarified

To allow a student athelete to take the heat for this for this long shows just what a low life slug Perkins is. He needs to be gone.

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