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Brownback, senators refused to help Topeka school district in grant application for federal funds

First of all, yes, some people do want to abolish public education--Rand Paul would do it if he could, and he has plenty of fans. SB doesn't want to abolish it, he just wants to starve, cripple, and maim it. The evil teacher's union's got to be taught its lesson, you see.

Considering that the Governor and our two sorry Senators detest the President and have no respect for the will of the American people in reelecting him, I have to wonder how much weight their signatures would have carried on this effort.

It's too bad that students trapped in red states like KS don't have an option in these cases. Since it's no surprise that SB, Roberts, and Moran wouldn't sign on, it's too bad the effort can't go forward with some alternate signatures. The students shouldn't be penalized for the politician's hostility to the public interest.

Plus, had those slobs tempered their pride a little bit and just signed on, they might have some influence over the standards that they use as their excuse for not supporting the bid. But I'm not buying their explanation. They want to stick it to the President and his administration and they don't care who gets hurt.

After all, SB and company have enough on their plates, making sure KS taking on momentum in its race to the bottom, where we can join Texas, Mississippi, and other dumps where government exists only to reinforce the privileges of the few. If only we could pray these snakes away, I might start believing in SB's deity.

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Brownback urging prayer on Saturday during ReignDown USA event

All I know is that I'm not part of the "we" SB invokes, and that so long as he, Kobach, and that gang of snakes is in charge, no one in Kansas except the economic elites and their bigoted supporters has a prayer.

If there's a God, he/she/it can worry about whether or not folks have forgotten. Some of us are too busy remembering people, an activity beyond SB's comprehension.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

Right now, they are behaving like the rats they are, trapped in their foul corner of a changing society and world. This hysteria will eventually, ahem, peter out, even though it won't completely disappear, and some semblance of maturity and reason will return. There are plenty of smart, compassionate, altruistic Kansans, despite what some folks on the west and east coasts want to believe about us. We just don't make the headlines. Yet.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

Does Kobach still think? Has he ever done so? After all, he is one "law professor" whom Sarah Palin digs. Otherwise, she's dead set against those of that profession.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

No, no one wins with this garbage going on. Some of us respect the President regardless of what party he or she is in, and I would've had the same reaction if some fool and his even more foolish enablers among elected officials had done it to a Republican President.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

Joe the Birther makes Joe the Plumber look like John Stuart Mill. Threw his little tantrum, got lots of attention, and as bad as he is, Kobach the Kretin and his Krew are worse, because they knew all along it was bogus but they couldn't resist another chance to try intimidating those who don't think like they do and belong to their pathetic party.

True to the script of rightwing victimization and whining, Joe dropped the charges because of "animosity and intimidation." Translation--people know a fool when they see one and some folks don't suffer fools gladly. Kansas Republicans rely on fools to make their careers and to make the state suffer.

I think Joe had an ulterior motive--he's so disenchanted with Mitt Romney that he had doubts that Mitt could carry KS, so he gave it a shot and tried to get the President removed from the ballot. So what if some KS military personnel wanted to vote for their Commander in Chief. Joe the Birther knows best. But, again, true to the rightwing script, he's a sniveling coward who can't take it when the going gets tough--when people call him out on being wrong, stupid, and damn near treasonous.

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Obama shows hostility to business

Hostility to business? I call it thinking critically, even skeptically, about capitalism, and it's refreshing. About time a US President did it, and about time the US entered the 21st century.

This assumption that business owners are the risk takers and those of us who work for a wage aren't--that's poppycock, Mr. Gurley, and if I could use a harsher word here, I would.

The President tells it how it is and I'm not surprised that hurts the feelings of George and his fans here. They can claim that it hurts business, small and big, but that's more poppycock. They're not interested in the President's policies, which have in fact been business friendly. They just want to find fault with his words, and they'll figure out a way to do that no matter what he says.

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Nation’s condition argues against Obama re-election

Wrong, Dolph. Your analysis of the nation's condition is the basis for your claim that the President doesn't deserve reelection. That argument is flawed and the fact that you have resources and privilege to disseminate your argument widely doesn't overcome its flaws.

Some of us know that you and your ilk aren't satisfied with the immense power you have--it's clear that you want absolute power in Kansas and in the US. Thank goodness there's always been resistance where there is power.

I'm volunteering for the Douglas County Democrats and I'm voting for Obama/Biden with even more enthusiasm than I had in 2008. This is indeed the most important election of my lifetime, and if folks like you can be taken down a peg or two in the process, so much the better.

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3 Democrats vying for chance to challenge U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins

I've just started learning about Robert Eye, after having met him outside the Dole Center on my way in to hear Don Rumsfeld.

What I know about RE so far impresses me. Especially his refusal to play the religion game--"No Preference," I like that. About time a politician brought American values to Kansas.

As to Jenkins, she used to send her propaganda to me, those broadsides against the President that looked and read like Drudge Report headlines. Contacted her office, told them to stop stinking up my mailbox, and they stopped. So, Jenkins has done something right. Sooner or later, she won't be able to stink up the nation anymore with her Tea Party tripe. I admire all three of these citizens for taking a stand against her and the negativity she represents.

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3 Democrats vying for chance to challenge U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins

newmedia 4 hours, 22 minutes ago
A lawyer and a community organizer. Sound familiar?

--Sure does. Willard Romney has a J.D. from Harvard Law School (1975) and organized the corporate community to market the 2002 Olympics. Good call, newmedia!

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