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Opinion: Obama seeks return to pre-Reagan liberalism

HammerKraut continues to degenerate into a bitter crank who can't resist opening his column with a sarcastic did at the President's teleprompter skills, even though he knows fully well that Ronald Reagan was just as reliant on that tool.

"Armstrong," who has all the credibility of that other Armstrong in the news these days, rails against the "takers," who are known to the rest of us as the people who believe in policies that foster equal opportunity in America.

"Pre-Reagan liberalism" helped create a thriving middle class, established landmark civil rights laws, and was committed to a level playing field for all Americans. The American people spoke in favor of those policies and the values they represent. The President's optimism and belief in America is the ideal antidote to the pessimism and resentfulness of HammerKraut and Armstrong.

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What grade would you assign to the condition of the state?

They'll blame the same people they blame now--the least fortunate and the least powerful members of our society.

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Opinion: Obama shows shades of Eisenhower

You might try actually reading the article, which makes some points that are critical of Obama and Ike. But that would get in the way of going rabid over what you perceive as a slobbering love affair. For you, anyone who doesn't go off like Ted Nugent must have a crush on Obama.

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Opinion: Obama shows shades of Eisenhower

When she does that, it shows that liberal/left commentators are more likely to be fair and balanced than are those on the conservative/right shows, who are unrelenting in their hatred of and disrespect for the President and those who voted for him.

One thing that Maddow's dissent does not prove is that the President's policy on drones is wrong. That policy may be wrong, but Maddow's view has nothing to do with its rightness or wrongness. I'm pretty sure that you only take her seriously when she criticizes the President, not when she praises him. Just sayin.'

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Opinion: Obama shows shades of Eisenhower

The same folks who are howling/whining with rage over an argument comparing Obama to Ike are calling the President a dictator and describing this country as a tyranny. Not a whole lot of credibility in anything they say. I wonder what people who have endured real tyranny in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia think of such statements. If the things some folks say about Obama were said in Hitler's Germany or Stalin's USSR, those folks would never have been seen or heard from again, even if they would have had anonymous message boards. Most of the responses to Ignatius aren't opinions, they are tantrums. I've heard more cogent statements from junior high school kids and barroom drunks.

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Opinion: Obama shows shades of Eisenhower

Superb editorial, based on a comparison that the President has earned and is confirming. The only insult to Dwight Eisenhower is the current Republican Party, and that's more than an insult, it's a desecration of his legacy. Thanks Ignatius and ljworld. Hope Dolph reads this one.

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Dean of Education initiated recent email incident over turkey abuse case

You say prosperity, I say posterity, let's call the whole thing off...

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Dean of Education initiated recent email incident over turkey abuse case

First, thank you to the LJ World for reporting this story of unprofessional and stupid conduct among the upper echelons at KU. What galls me more than anything is that if the emails had been sent by contingent faculty or GTAs, their positions at KU would be at risk. But these educated and credentialed fools will only suffer embarrassment and death threats from a few cranks. Real role models, they are--and at the top of the heap in the School of Education, no less.

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Opinion: Obama still a tax-and-spend liberal

Good. I like the President's policies and priorities on taxation and federal spending. MC HammerKraut undoubtedly makes a 6-7 figure salary for griping about the President and he'll have four more years to do that. Truth be told, I'm sure Charlie prefers that to having to defend Romney-Ryan.

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Norquist coming to Kansas to talk about immigration

Yes, Grover N. has a right to speak. And those who don't like what he says have a right to speak out against his speech. What's the big deal?

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