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Will you visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to view Dr. James Naismith's original basketball rules?

I think the question was "will you" visit the museum, not "did you" visit.

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Town Talk: Vermont Street BBQ to reopen; Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery coming to Lawrence?; CVB announces leadership shift

I think you nailed it. Weird that Jefferson's is going to end up closing, maybe they can liquidate all those $1's on the wall. Gotta be at least a couple grand.

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Big 12 football over/under predictions: Answer to win prizes

1. Under
2. Over
3. under
4. under
5. over
6. under
7. Over
8. over
9. under
Tiebreaker: 549 yards

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Three motorcyclists injured in accident

Trinity: There was one person on a moped, and two people on a motorcycle.

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Three motorcyclists injured in accident

I arrived there with my wife shortly after the accident occurred. The woman who was life-flighted was in pretty bad shape, but conscious. She laid in the middle of the highway twisted up for quite some time before paramedics had arrived. Had she not been wearing a helmet, this very well could have been a fatal accident. I've had her in my thoughts all day long, I hope she's okay.

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Disguises blown on drug paraphernalia

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I just feel bad for the girl at Jayhawk Food Mart that will be out of a job in the morning."

She's married to the owner. I think she's good.

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