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Sound Off: KU student housing director salary


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City agrees to seek consultant to look at high-speed broadband options

I think this will be an excellent case study that will hopefully lead to Next Generation speed and cost for the entire community. In addition, network infrastructure upgrades could act to incentivize existing businesses or new startups to setup shop in Lawrence.

In 10 years, our kids will look at DSL and Cable the same way we look at dial-up. Let's get ahead of the curve and imagine the possibilities.

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Firefighters extinguish blaze at business on Clinton Parkway Court

Condolences to the two fallen fish.

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Proposed rec center offers ‘huge’ opportunities

Completely agree, I know a lot of parents who have been struggling to get ice time for their kids teams in KC. This would be a great opportunity for local kids to experience new sports, and would have the added benefit of bringing in a lot of revenue dollars from out of town.

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Sheriff's deputies plan saturation patrol Friday night

They're just looking for additional excuses to pull people over, might catch additional drunkards that way.

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Firm working to improve Internet speed for students

"10 megabytes per second and 15 megabytes per second of bandwidth"

I think you actually mean megabits per second (Mbps). A megabit is 1/8th the size of a megabyte, so the difference is substantial. Megabytes per second is also abbreviated differently (MBps or MB/s). Maybe I'm just being pedantic.

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Voter turnout hits 13 percent in Douglas County

I believe that there should be eVoting in addition to the mailed in ballots and voting centers. In the digital age, one should have to do little more than verify their identity and unique PIN to vote online. In addition, a voting page could have an unbiased bio about each candidate.

Does anybody believe this wouldn't at least triple the voting turnout in addition to making people more educated in their voting process?

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Lawrence DJs are answer to fun-filled trivia night

Andy Morton is awesome, but this article should have also given a shout out to "Downtown Dell" who does trivia at Brother's and 23rd Street Brewery. That man has moxy.

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