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California marijuana legalization effort fails

I don't know, I'd need to see the self-referential wikipedia entry first.

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California marijuana legalization effort fails
Wikipedia, the source of choice for the lazy and/or stupid.

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Not a problem

Today is a good day to volunteer a couple of hours.

Tomorrow looks good too.

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De Soto receives EPA grant to help finance water line replacement

Bonner regulates The Situation, what does water have to do with drinking?

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Ground Zero wrong place for mosque

It's closer than "[statue of dictator]" comparison. So yes, I am willing to accept that comparison as "Not pants-on-head retarded"

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Ground Zero wrong place for mosque

So, what you're saying here is the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence?


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Ground Zero wrong place for mosque

I think you mean Hideki Tojo (or the other way around, I can never figure out japanese names), Hirohito was actually going to be "deposed" for considering surrender to the Allies.

Also, your analogy sucks. I don't think they're going to have a statue of bin laden or something. They're not even ALLOWED to have a statue of muhammed or whatever his name is. Maybe they'll put up a statue of regan or something.

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Officers to conduct patrols looking for impaired drivers

You sound like a Basil Marceaux Dot Com supporter.

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Lawrence records fifth straight day of 100-degree temperatures

I bet they're not so much of a waste of resources in places like Scotland.

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Campaign Notebook: Voters at Brownback rallies voice concerns

Well, to be fair, you know the only reason Muslim-Americans like Busby are home-schooling their children is so they can indoctrinate them to be suicide bombers. They won't be voting for very long.

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