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Kansas Senate advances bill voiding local gun rules

The Kansas Senate is as crazy as the Texas Senate. That's saying something. They're going to shoot their eye out. Guy just went postal at Ft. Hood. Again. Just kill anybody you don't like; then tell the Sheriff you felt threatened. No problem. Bang. Bang. What a country we live in!

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Opinion: Kansas bill is desperate act

"We reserve the right to refuse service to any Kansas legislator." Our faith forbids us to have contact with bigotry, ignorance, hatred, greed, mendacity, etc.

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Letter: Obama praise

My daughters have health insurance after doing without it for several years. Now they can go to the doctor. Thank you, Mr. President, for Obamacare.

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Capitol Report: ALEC, broadband, guns, religion

What's the matter with Kansas? People who vote against their own self interest. Brownback and Kobach are interested only in dissolving government, not in their constituents' well being.

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Editorial: Registration debacle

The great and sovereign state of Texas is now approaching 3rd world status. We are in the lower one-third in support for education, transportation, health care, poverty, and now only white Republicans are allowed to vote. Sounds a bit like Kansas in fact. Being a Texan with a conscience is not easy these days. The Jim Wright story is true, by the way.

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Opinion: First Amendment protects idiocy

If the people in the next village suffer idols, go unto that village, slaughter the men, take the women, and enslave the children. That will teach them.
Exodus, Ch. 4

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Group of former Republican officials seeks to thwart Brownback policies

Same thing here in Texas. The legislature is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporate world.

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Editorial: Education image

sciencegeek, you could be describing Rick Perry and the Texas Legislature. Looks as though Kansas is trying to rival Texas' anti-intellectual politics. Here in Texas, the governor and his minions in the legislature hate public schools, universities, and teachers. They would like to see education at all levels "privatized." Hence, they refuse to adequately fund public schools, community colleges, universities, Sorry to see the same thing going on in Kansas.

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Opinion: Registering should be easy

From under what rock did Kansans find this guy Kobach? His agenda is obviously to keep people from voting. This type of political chicanery stands in opposition to every Kansan who wants his vote to count. What an undemocratic mess he and his hateful ilk have created!

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For critics, Kansas abortion law’s form also matters

For people who are constantly agitating for smaller government and less interference in our private lives, the Kansas legislature is oddly preoccupied with women's privates, almost akin to peeping. Their obsession with women's very personal matters approaches lewdness. This Brownback is a born voyeur.

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