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From a place of ‘very little hope’ to a bright future

Awesome, dude. Congrats.

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Ecumenical Christian Ministries director receives Peace and Justice Award

Hooray for Thad--one of the most deserving people in the world.

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ECM influence

ECM = pure awesomeness.

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Ecumenical Christian Ministries needs $23,000 to complete capital campaign

ECM is truly a treasure. The incredible amount of ways it contributes to students and the community is priceless and I am honored to be involved. ECM totally rocks.

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Lawrence is getting six new buses for the T. How often do you use public transportation?

I teach at KU, live downtown and use the T every day to go to work and back and go shopping. I love it and couldn't get along without it!

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Oread hotel looking to close streets for football block parties

While I enjoy the block parties downtown, I agree that having one in a residential area seems like a really bad idea. I couldn't help thinking about the people who live in that cul-de-sac on 12th or of the organizations that generate revenue selling parking spaces on game days. Parking is hard enough for residents on game days with further obstruction--people living in the area still need to go to their jobs, study, go grocery shopping, etc. In addition, it looks like ECM would be completely blocked in; not only do people live there, but on the weekend, group meetings, conferences, weddings (just to name a few events) go on at ECM. I can't imagine how blocking off their parking could possibly benefit the people living in the area or ECM.

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KU taking community members out of honors Western Civ program

While I also enjoyed one of my two honors western civ discussions, we did not really learn much. I felt sad and angry that my discussion group leader for western civ two did not grasp the concepts very well, if at all. Of my KU classes, western civ was definitely the most disappointing because it fell so far short of the incredible potential it has as a curricular concept.

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