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Trial ordered for rural Valley Falls man accused of shooting neighboring landowner

The accused was licensed and has been since licensing began. He is also a federally licensed dealer. I don't think that says anything about anything, its just a statement of fact.

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Smoker reaches out to Lawrence resident through anonymous letter

I want to say something about addiction. One can only stop using when he/she wants to help himself/herself. It will be right when you stay with the effort and get some kind of support. A group or some counseling.. Dedication is the key.

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Freeze in services for disabled criticized

Hard times. Hard hearts.Moral bankruptcy abounds.No compassion to spare,dollars to spare, strength to share.No, cloak yourselves with self-pityand be safe in your mind.But, shudder still, for the wolf might beat your door soon. A pox on you all.

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Analysis: US beginning to win war that once seemed lost

Blind faith and trust in politicians leads to desperation, suffering, and death, which should be patently obvious at this point in time. Believe nothing they say and nothing you hear on the "news". They have led you down the iniquitous road toward your destruction. Republicans and Democrats, alike, all work for and answer to the same people and its not you. The US will continue to be mired and bloodied in the Mideast as long as you allow it, tripping, not driving, down the perilous path toward your demise, your head in a pink cloud.

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Analysis: US beginning to win war that once seemed lost

Perhaps the hostilities in Iraq have decreased because the "enemy" has simply picked up and gone elsewhere. Strategically, it would make sense to shift the front to a location which has a weaker US presence. This does not mean that the location of hostilities cannot shift back, or somewhere else, when conditions warrant it. Is the enemy restricted by imaginary, national borders? Only in the minds of the US command. As long as the US is occupying any part of the Middle-east, there will be war there. The "enemy" will draw the US into it, back and forth, at their pleasure. Its what they do and who they are. They are fighting a perpetual war, a holy war, against foreign presence and will not stop. Our young men and women will continue to be killed and maimed. Consider the Soviet Union. It was more committed than the US and its campaign led to its bankruptcy and collapse. Perhaps the real enemy is ourselves. Perhaps the US has created and is sustaining the conditions for war by its mere presence and the only way and the only point when hostilities will cease is when the US ends its empirical occupation of the Middle-east, withdraws, and negotiates a fair price for oil on the world market. After all, oil is what it is all about, not democracy, not terrorist threat, not retribution, not national patriotism or pride. Its time to get real and face the fact that the US cannot successfully occupy the Mideast without destroying itself in the process.

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Farmers Market opens

Bitter Sue:And you, as the personification of cultural evolution, ALeGOREically speaking, are human history's greatest scourge and disappointment.

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Veto threat

Aliena pericula, cautiones nostrae. Auri sacra fames quid non? Aureae compedes.
Bivium virtutis et vitii. Concussus surgo. Discite iustitiam moniti. Expetendae opes ut dignis largiamur. Hac virtutis iter. Stultorum quanto status sublimior, tanto manifestior turpitudo. Interiora vide.

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Oil motive

America has a representative government and its current "leaders" seem to pretty much represent the contemporary, decadent public. Often, people get the leaders they deserve. Sometimes, even when you win, you lose. You guys win. I'm done.

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