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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

"Facebook does not allow its users to create fake profiles." Yeah. Okay.

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Taking a look at restaurant violations


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Sound Off: On streets with marked bike lanes (e.g. 15th, 19th) is it legal for two bicyclists to rid

KSA 8-1590
(d) Wherever a usable path for bicycles has been provided adjacent to a roadway, bicycle riders shall use such path and shall not use the roadway.


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Sound Off: I was wondering why the Lawrence public school district does not have any computer-equipm

Chantel Nicolay really needs to provide a better answer. I have to give this person the benefit of the doubt; perhaps she was misquoted. SCCM is not an asset management tool.

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Teacher gets jail time for sex with student

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Palin lookalike turns a lot of heads

Big Prune-- I didn't even see your comments. That's funny.

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Palin lookalike turns a lot of heads

She looks more like Lloyd Benson than Sarah Palin.

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