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Super-sized relief: Ex-Jayhawk Hartwig wins championship with Pittsburgh

number1jayhawker (Anonymous) says…
"Guys to be fair to Justin, they taped that introduction for NBC during the season, so he had no idea that it would be played before the Super Bowl."

what does it matter if he knew it would be played for the super bowl or not? the majority of players state what college they're from. he apparently didn't feel strongly enough about his college alma mater to do that. screw him.

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Sixth Street Wal-Mart to open on April 29; 235 to be hired

It always amazes me how you can count on people on this forum to complain. You can bet on it....mention walmart and everyone is a clever smart***. Nevermind that 235 people who potentially have no job will have a job, minimum wage or not! Just how stupid are you people? Parrot boy you are an idiot. And badger, i guarantee you walmart carries a lot more than cheap chinese crap.

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KU's Thornton to miss Insight Bowl


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FINAL: Jordan Hill's 23 points lead Arizona to 84-67 victory

Nice job Jack, you put out the bait and caught a fish. However, being that this is a story about the basketball team and you don't seem to care, what the hell are you doing posting? There are stories about the weather and other world news so what's your point?

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Little breaks bone in left hand

I'm amazed by Little's bad luck and by the amount of ignorant posts on here today. And folks, most of you may not realize it but the Hawks don't look very good and if they don't start improving they'll be lucky to make the tournament let alone the Sweet 16. Based on their play of late, they have a better than average chance of losing to KSU, MU, OU, UT, BU or just about anybody else in the Big 12, as well as Temple, Michigan St, Tennesse, and Arizona. They have a very tough schedule and they are a young and inexperienced team that Coach Self has even stated may not be improving as they should. They need Little.

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Driver escapes U.S. Highway 59 rollover with minor injuries

I see satan is well represented here today.

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Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival leaving Lawrence for Arkansas

Some of you clowns should get a clue. This festival wasn't all about drugs and hippies. But, idiots on here get something in their heads and just aren't smart enough to let it go. It's unfortunate Lawrence lost this festival. Hopefully something else will replace it.

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Friends, family pay tribute to accident victim at crash site

bigtwinkieDo you ever try reading what you type? Your sentences don't make sense and you can't spell or puncuate. Also what's up with your screen name? If you haven't already, google it.

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Driver attacked, robbed during delivery

it'd be funny to have one of these drivers bust this f-ing thugs head open. thug spends rest of life on life support for being a jackass. lesson learned for all other wannabe thugs.

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Turkeys, hams needed for community Christmas dinner

send the bums out to work and buy their own damn turkey. can i expect someone to buy my christmas dinner while i get drunk and pass out in an alley? if you have a problem with that comment, go out fix a dinner for these guys and serve it up with a smile.

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