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What advice did your grandparents give you?

My Grandfather said "Pass for white if you can get by with it". It still makes me sad.

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What was one of your favorite books or series as a child?

Agnostick (Anonymous) says:

packrat (Anonymous) says:

"Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators"

DUDE!!!!!!! Those kids were cool!!!

I was only able to find two or three of those books-how many of them were there? I loved the ones I had, read 'em over and over.

Starting in college, I "graduated" (so to speak) to all the James Bond novels, starting first with the original Fleming books, and then moving on to the John Gardner ones.


I have six at home. I don't remember their names. When I return to the states, I'll have to look them up.

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Ugly Jayhawk

TheYetiSpeaks -- Your professors aren't paying your way through school based on your ability to do so either.

The tirade had the desired effect. Later on did anyone else see the kid who after scoring a touchdown thought about spiking the ball over the goal post, but stopped?

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What was one of your favorite books or series as a child?

Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators then the entire Foundation Series and Robot Series by Isaac Asimov.
My boys love Hank the Cowdog. My oldest loves Bionicles

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Her marriage central to defining Clinton

I am undecided for the election but I do know that I will never vote for Hillary.

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Corruption stalks Congress

I truly believe that all members of Congress are corrupt.

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Math skills

Adult who do stupid things should suffer the consequences.

Businesses which do stupid things should suffer the consequences.

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Painful rejection

I've been seriously considering whether or not any public school money should be spent on any extra-curricular activity in which anyone who wants to participate can. That means no sports.

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Tuition battle brewing

People here illegally should not be allowed to attend any of our schools.

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Sebelius bans discrimination against gays in state workplace

I guess that the people I work with and have working for me are more adult than the rest of you. This isn't an issue. We judge people by the quality of their work and the jerk factor.

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