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Sad discovery

Learn to quote properly. There was more to it than what you stated. Bush was mentioning that the document is worthless if not used.

Merrill, you are such a left wing bigot........

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Sad discovery

I too, went to SJHS and it was part of the curricular in History class. I thought the documents to be inspiring. We discussed them and it instilled a sense of pride in most students. I think it should be required coursework at the jr high level.

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Have you been to the Lawrence Arts Center in the past year?

JaneQ, I've been to the LAC and like what I see when visiting. But, it's not on my top 100 things to do annually in Lawrence. Lots of artsy things to look at in this city.

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Who is your favorite comedian?

Rodney Carrington. Check out youtube for videos. He is hilarious.

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Looming threat

Your assumption does make an *ss out of you. I have never had a problem paying taxes and know that they are a necessity. I always pay my property taxes on time and have never been audited. So, big mouth, what else you got in trying to label me?

My original post stands on its merit and shows how worthless your response was. Trying thinking the next time before you post.

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Kevin Yoder files for GOP primary in 3rd District race

You do have an obsession with things dangling on one's chin. Fantasy of yours beobachter?

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Looming threat

Unless you live naked in a cave you are a hypocrite if you claim you are against global warming. The clothing you wear, the food you eat, the computer you are reading this from, the car you drive, the house/apartment you live in, etc.... took fuel to make these things. And none of these things used 100% non-polluting energy.

Time for you environmentalist to step and lead the way. Now, be on your way to your cave and show the rest of us you aren't just talk.

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Kevin Yoder files for GOP primary in 3rd District race

wow, you vile libs have convinced me to vote FOR the guy. If you hate him so much, he must be a good person. Thanks.

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What is the worst spot for flooding in Lawrence?

I live on that street and it's bad. I finally agree with grammaddy on something.

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Mark Mangino leaves Lawrence, moves to Florida

beobitcher likes to, you know, just complain at almost everything......

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