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Farmer in line to become Lawrence's next mayor, but uncertainty remains ahead of Tuesday's vote

Time for Lawrence to rethink its government structure and to end this arcane method of electing a mayor.

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Kansas high school's piano purchase hits sour note

I totally agree with you Mr. Saylor.

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Lawrence home to many more than city's own homeless

I don't think it's a republican or democrat idea to look at the jr college model and extrapolate funding ideas. Years ago it was a radical idea that funding for the mentally ill should follow the person not the residential location. Lawrence and other college communities often have a higher ratio of mentally ill young people because of kids who come to college and then experience life-changing coming of age mental illnesses. These kids often prefer to stay in our communities rather than return to their often smaller towns and cities. This places a disproportionate responsibility on the communities of the mentally ill person's choice. For decades I thought that America would come up with a better way for financial support to follow the person. Instead there is rampant patient dumping across city, county and state lines. Yes. It happens. There are people who need our help. I whole heartedly agree with that. But we need a more equitable way for communities to support that. If we had single payer insurance, with parity for mental and physical illnesses, it would be a very good start.

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Opinion: Go ahead, GOP, impeach Obama

I got the email. Pleased me no end to classify it as junk and then delete it.

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Trees lost outpace trees planted at KU; effort aims to bridge gap

Is there an adopt a tree program? Love to know. Love to give.

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Letter: Put party aside

I agree with Mr. Chestnut's letter. I hope that reality sets in and we Kansans by birth, choice or circumstance, vote with intent to restore Kansas to strong leadership for all Kansans. I think the great common denominator for most of us is a belief in the importance of public education. We may disagree on some social issues that really shouldn't be a part of government anyway. I do think we believe that it is critical to invest in education, to stop the Brownback "lab monkey" experiment, and to build a coalition of rational adults and end this devastating division that has only benefitted the 1 percent or those who believe Kansas should be a theocracy...based on their theology.

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Despite ban, Lawrence police respond to fireworks calls over holiday

My father was a soldier in Patton's army. Drafted at 20 and served for years from North Africa to Germany. He hated the 4th of July. He always said if you want to be a patriot join the Army. The sissies are the ones who most pout about their fireworks. If you had been in war, you would know what it means to celebrate independence.

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Finance Council approves borrowing $675 million; contentious debate ensues over state's fiscal policies

If a Democrat had done this the howls would be heard all the way to Colby.

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Lewis reinstated as LHS boys basketball coach

It's time not to forget the story. Follow the $ or at least the influence.

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