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KU planning to launch 15 new online programs over 5 years under new deal with startup company

I personally got my degree online through Fort Hays State University. Personally, finishing my degree and being able to do it online was a asset for me. I loved that I was able to do my homework in the middle of the day or middle of the night. Although the flexibility of schedule was nice (versus sitting in a class from 9 am to 10am), I have to admit, I did miss some of the interaction with other people. Yes, there were online discussions, but that still lacks the human element/human factor. It is rather difficult to have a healthy class debate online.

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Lawrence mother searching for missing teen

What about the father in all of this? It is unfortunate that this boy is missing, and I do hope he is located safe and sound. Would Stevie Drakes father be able to provide any information or help? If he was missing a few years ago, would he return to the same area?
Hope he is ok. Hope (if possible) he can return home if this is a run away situation.

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Eudora man faces aggravated robbery, assault charges from incident in Lawrence hotel

I love that name of "Spanky Faye".

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Old Navy confirms it is closing Lawrence store

yes, they will honor exchanges, returns and gift cards.

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Theft reported at Walmart

If they are licensed then yes, they can detain to a certain extent. It has been awhile since I have done that type of work, but there is a "security license" and their "powers to detain" are only on walmart property that they work at...

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Douglas County jurors convict man of hitting his estranged wife with car

I remember both Mike and Melissa (Missy) from highschool. He was popular, invovled in sports and always seemed to be a "nice guy". Missy was always very sweet, outgoing, and never had an ill word to anyone. Granted, it was highschool, and we all graduated back in 1994. So sad to hear how things have changed so drastically to where it is today.

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35-year-old man accused of hitting estranged wife with his vehicle in Lawrence parking lot

I havent spoken to Mike nor Missy in years. I remember the both of them from highschool, Mike was very athletic, involved in sports, always seemed to know everyone and easy to get along with in any situation. Missy and I had a few classes together throughout highschool, and she was always very sweet and got along with everyone. I cant remember anyone every saying a harsh word about either one of them. Granted, we all graduated back in 1994. A few years later, they were working at LMH when my grandmother back in 1999. They were good to her. I find it said that their relationship (for whatever personal reasons it is) had fallen apart to this level. I hope that no matter what the outcome is for them, that it works out for the best for all parties where both Mike and Missy are happy, able to raise thier children in a positive, loving environment. Whether it is to be married to each other or not, that is up to them.

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Lawrence man, 20, dies at Wichita hospital after chemicals released in his car on I-70 near Manhattan

I cant imagine what would drive him to feel that his only option was suicide. My thoughts and prayers go out t his family.

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Would you consider working at a casino?

Icurrently work in a casino, and am fortunate enough that i do not have to deal with (directly) with caisno goers. I would not want to work as a bartender, beverage server, dealer or security because they are the ones that have to deal with people getting drunk and all the smokers. One smoker is fine, but when you get a whole lot of smokers in a building... anyway, it all depends on the job you have within the casino.

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Financial strategy: What now?

Cash is king

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