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Should non-union city exployees expect to get the same raise and benefits as union employees?

Yes they should. As soon as they go through the same training and face the same hazards

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Lawrence city manager's 2012 budget calls for tax increase

I'll chip in for new police officers. I'd even chip in for the addittional cops they are asking for on top of the four. Just don't raise my taxes on the rouse of city services and then build a $15 million dollar rec center.Also, give me the taxes (although reduced) and sales tax revenue from an Olive Garden over the minimal taxes collected on the vacant lot any day. This town is as crazy as Brownback, just on the opposite end of the spectrum.

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Survey shows Lawrence crime rate higher than average in several categories

Let's think about this..... If our police officers are taking more reports on crime than most places, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume they are sitting in a parking lot writing reports on the computers in the car? I'll chip in my $32 a year.

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Tarik Khatib introduced as new Lawrence police chief

CMM you are absolutely incorrect. Most did feel it was time for Olin to go, but people in the know would tell you Khatib is taking things in the right direction, making changes and he was a nearly unanimous choice by officers.

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Day care sex assault trial to wrap up today

I too am very happy you are not on this jury cait48. Caec explained the DNA pretty well, so no need to rehash. Do yourself a favor... stop watching Law and Order SVU. Four year olds do not have a concept of sexualized behavior unless exposed to it in some manner. And its just shocking that the day care owner would say they were present. Let me guess....Defendant is a family member or they just don't want their daycare shut down. Cait48, if you are ever called for jury duty please, please, please call in sick.

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Wage increases slated for police and firefighters

You have to pay the police and fire better than the rest of the employees. The cost and time its takes to hire, train and have them become good is worth the extra pay. Hearing lots of reports lately that if you look at our crime stats and the number of police we have, we better pay them more.

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Audit of Lawrence Police Department to be completed by October

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MagnaGro still operating, despite code violations

its more interesting when you learn from the other article the city was trying to purchase their land. Not a stretch to believe the city didn't enforce to get a better deal. Either way the families of the two that died have a great suit. Good job Corliss. Way to cost the city millions to try and save a buck.

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Judge sentences Kansas City man to 12 months probation for actions leading to lockdown of KU's McCollum Hall

LG40. Even if they thought he wasn't there they would have to complete a search. Because if they are wrong, he was there and started shooting, they would have hell to pay.

Why so angry at the LPD? Too may speeding tickets? Related to the Neighbors? You get fired from there or something.

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Obstruction charges filed in connection with Friday's incident at McCollum Hall

Actually you were all wrong. Last I checked it was on KU's campus and likely KU's interview.

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