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Law enforcement policy, training offer guidance on potentially lethal situations

That is a degree of professionalism that is missing elsewhere. It is also what causes a department to command the respect of the community and is well deserved by the department.

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No easy fix for KPERS unfunded liability, lawmakers are told

Quit being cheap and restore taxes to the precut levels. Fund the employees of the state like we promises them while we were paying substandard wages when compared to industry. The only ones complaining of high taxes were the Kochs and the Chamber of Commerce, the exact people who demand so much more from the state.

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New Kansas rules would limit spending of welfare benefits

I presume you were not talking to me because my comment was entirely sarcasm.

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New Kansas rules would limit spending of welfare benefits

Better start unloading your stocks in Victoria Secret, Carnival Cruise Lines, R.J.Reynolds, etc. Evidently this must be a huge problem and the income in those businesses will fall as a result of this legislation. Thanks for kicking the legs out from under these businesses Sam, I thought you were a pro-business governor!

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Editorial: Who should pay?

Did I understand your comment right? Especially in this day and age, time on the road needn’t be wasted; officials can be on their phones or doing other work in the car. So many companies recognize the danger of cell phone use of any kind much less other work,
it is banned in the interest of safety, but your editorial staff advocates such use?!?

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Editorial: Gutted gun law

Huh? I believe this is the first time I have heard the Republicans worry about someone with a low income not being able to afford to do something. It is amazing the ways they try to justify the stupidity of their actions!

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Prosecutors question Kobach claims of voter fraud in Kansas

Attacking Barry Grissom's credibility is about as low as this slimeball, Kochbach, can go.

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Plan for state to take over OSHA enforcement still has some support

Senator Cook stated the reason for wanting the state to take over inspections would be defeated if they had to enforce the rules as vigorously as the feds. In another word she is saying the safety of Kansas workers means nothing if they can get away with it.

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Court won't reconsider Kansas, Arizona citizenship lawsuit

How much have these knotheads cost us now? King marched on Selma Alabama because out of 10,000 registered voters only 330 were black. Do we need to march on these lying knotheads to get them to admit they want to suppress the vote and reverse the poor judgment they have exhibited?

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Opinion: Jeb Bush’s exploration spurs reaction

I am tired of Bushes and Clintons, have we no real leaders in this great country!

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