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Brownback’s GOP challenger has bankruptcy in past

She has earned her own way and didn't have to marry to make a buck! It appeared she has done her best to be a true job creator.

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Lawrence man arrested in connection with late-night stabbing

How do you have an alledged stabbing? Either he was stabbed or not. You can have an alledged perpetrator but I fail to understand how the stabbing is alledged.

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Democrat Kelly Kultala responds to call for her excommunication

I am Catholic and I do not think abortion is right, does that give me the right to impose my views on someoneelse? This seems more to come from the quarter that think you cannot be a Democrat and a Christian. If were are going to make calls such as this, let us make the same call on refusal to provide medical aid to those less fortunate, or cutting food programs that feed the poor, or those who would seek to make it harder for those to seek a living wage, or make it difficult to vote. I think you see my point, it you refuse to help lift you fellow man out of the church you go. Is that really reasonable?

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Roadwork: Construction planned this week

Wouldn't it be easier to say there is roadwork everywhere and just avoid Lawrence?

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KNEA announces plans to file lawsuit over teacher tenure

This law is about supressing a voice that may be in opposition to the official policy. Denying due process is just the hammer. The ultimate goal of these laws are to put public education dollars into private hands and are not about education. You think everyone would get a good education in the private sector when all schools are private? Wait until it is all private and ultimate goal of the schools are to answer to the stockholders!

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Kansas revenues off $92M in April

Could Mr. Jordan please explain what changes have produced the lower tax revenues?

May 1, 2014 at 6:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Teachers hope to make tenure an issue in governor's race

I believe the real thing King Sam is wanting to ultimately accomplish is the privatization of the education system. Look at the billions of dollars spent on education and it is hard to believe there are not people wanting the profits they can reap from driving down wages for the teachers with privatization.

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New revenue estimate prompts debate over Brownback's tax cuts

An appropriate title to this article should have been, "Rome burns while Nero fiddles".

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Praeger, health care groups urge Brownback to veto bill allowing state to take over Medicare

With Kobach for it that is a good reason to be against it!

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State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards

Maybe we could just get it over with and get back to witchcraft and voodoo arts in our schools. That seems to be where this bunch of knotheads want to take us. They did not ask me if I thought common core would obliterate local control. Where do they honestly come up with the majority of people who believe this--at meetings with 100 percent of their kind in attendance?

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