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Editorial: A few numbers to consider

The part that is not mentioned in any talk of a constitutional convention is this--there is no method for limiting the scope of a constitutional convention. We have people who are advocating, as our representatives, for the power to throw the entire constitution in the trash and abandon the form of government as we know it. This is scary to contemplate and we need to be careful when we vote for our representatives as they may give us something we truly do not desire. No where in this blind call is there a reason for this action. We have methods of amending the constitution without using a nuclear option like this and they protect us from such tyranny. If necessary that is the route that needs to be used!

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Kansas Senate's K-12 funding bill to include utility fees

Yet another regressive tax on the poor and working class. The lower your utility bill the higher the percentage you get to pay for schools. Kansas, what is wrong with you?

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Kobach argues for authority to split elections to enforce citizenship rule, claims as many as 18,000 noncitizens on voter rolls

If there are 18,000 non-citizen registered to vote as he claims, why has he not initiated proceedings to prosecute them or removed them from the rolls. He has the authority which the legislature granted him. It sound like he is not fulfilling the obligations of his office and needs to be impeached!

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Justice's fundraising arm: 'Politicized' bid underway to purge Kansas Supreme Court

Merrick is right, Kansans deserve better, HE NEEDS TO GO!

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Kansas lawmakers eye change to citizen-petitioned grand jury

So far this session this Legislative session we have recognized a stone bridge in Chetopa and now this. I guess to the merry band of renegades in Topeka the self inflicted school funding crisis, the deficit problem, continual raids on the highway fund and many other real problems of the state are not worthy of consideration from the start of business.

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Editorial: Inspection questions

Just as businesses need to be watched over to do the right thing, this article shows they are not alone. Where money is involved oversight is a necessary evil.

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Editorial: Positive legacy

I have had a couple of visits to LMH over the years and am impressed with the care I received. It was evident LMH was lead by a great leader. Wishing you the best in retirement and LMH in the search for a replacement.

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Opinion: Truckers impose traffic order

I enjoyed your letter. I have always noticed when people get into the line as soon as they can everything continues to move smoothly. What continues to amaze me is the ignorance or selfishness of those who never seem to comprehend the need to cooperate. Do they consider their needs more importance than others?

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Letter: Tax law to blame

Are you saying he is a fool or he will die soon?

June 6, 2015 at 4:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Opinion: Cost a real factor in railroad safety

I beg to differ on the comment that railroads are subsidized by the government. Maintenance on the railroad proper is paid for by the railroads. When expenditures of tax dollars are used it is at rail crossings and other road and highway project to make them safer when they are near the railroads.
When you look at the tonnage carried by the nations rails versus any other mode of transportation there is no comparison when safety records are compared.
When was the last time you read of an airline building their own airport, or even paid the maintenance on one? I never have but if you look at many recent articles you will see the railroads are spending millions in Kansas alone to make a safe transportation network.
To say they are not spending money on safety is irresponsible and panders to those wishing to bankrupt them!

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