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Interstate 70 reopens to one lane in each direction following tractor trailer accident and fire.

Would you guess at this point that the Turnpike east of Lawrence will remain closed (eastbound, at least) past 7:00 a.m.?

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Kathy Bowen, instructor of gifted programs, named Lawrence's 2012-13 Master Teacher

Congrats, Kathy! Well deserved.

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Firebird Shelby Holmes signs with Ark. St.

Congratulations, Shelby. It has been great watching you and the Firebirds play for the last three seasons. Good luck at Ark State.

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Lions, Firebirds volleyball fall at sub-state

And anonymously you take a swipe at Coach Hopkins. Classy.

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Lions, Firebirds volleyball fall at sub-state

My name is Ken Miller, and my daughter plays for FSHS. So my credibility already surpasses this Homey person and grandma, too.

I get it when there is a level of frustration that needs to be expressed after both Free State and Lawrence ended their seasons much earlier than they wanted, and in Free State's case, much earlier than expected. I also get it that with any team - high school, college or pro - there is going to be a certain amount of drama within, and how that team handles that drama has a lot to do with the level of success achieved. I can only speak about Free State's season with any accuracy, but I watched a team this season with more talent than they've had in the three years I've been paying attention. This FSHS team won the Seaman tournament, beating several teams that will be going to State next week. FSHS also was the runner-up in the Emporia tournament, losing the championship match to the team that will likely win the 6A state championship again. This team also stomped LHS - twice - before losing in four sets last week. In that match, Lawrence played outstanding volleyball. But for a host of reasons nobody can accurately depict, we came up flat in Substate. Stuff happens.

My point is this: you can't blame coaching for the way FSHS's season finished out, and I suspect you can't blame Coach Magnusson for the way their season went. I CAN fix some blame on the drama that I saw unfold in FSHS's season - ridiculous accusations that unfortunately took focus away from volleyball and placed it on a$$inine issues - as a partial explanation. What our family and my daughter have chosen to do is use this as a lesson in how to deal with adversity - way beyond just volleyball, but career, life, etc. And with that, she will lace 'em up for club season and be that much more prepared.

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Town Talk: Plans filed for major sand pit plant between Lawrence and Eudora; wild burros and horses coming to city; an update on Wyandotte County fieldhouse talk

It will remain a greenfield if developers can't crunch projected numbers and come up with a profit. Again, if the Legends project goes beyond LiveStrong soccer fields and includes a fieldhouse that can host big volleyball and basketball tournaments, why would a developer gamble on putting a hotel or other major amenity next to a lesser fieldhouse that can't compete with the established commercial areas surrounding the Legends?

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Town Talk: Plans filed for major sand pit plant between Lawrence and Eudora; wild burros and horses coming to city; an update on Wyandotte County fieldhouse talk

I disagree, Alex. I heard the pitch Monday night from architects and other city pro-rec center folks. Economic Development is the main argument. If this rec center is to at least break even or hopefully make money, it will be through the attraction of regional volleyball and basketball tournaments. Having open gym hours for the locals does nothing for city coffers.

I also have not heard definitively what role KU will play, or if the Self foundation will even participate in the funding. That remains up in the air, I believe.

It would be a big mistake to take this project on without trying to get the low down on what the Legends/KCK folks are doing. While I won't completely discount the Lawrence effort if the WY CO project goes forward, you have to believe that tournament organizers would be more tempted by hotels, shopping, a casino and a Speedway next door to a brand new fieldhouse than a greenfield at the K-10/KTA interchange.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Call center to bring 300 new jobs to downtown Lawrence; Setting the stage for $12M incentive debate for Ninth and N.H.; speculation that wine bar is set to move into 901 N.H. space

Re: Call Center

The site says it looks to locate call centers in "communities with small-town values, where courtesy and empathy are a way of life."

Courtesy? Empathy? In Lawrence? Just read the blog posts.

Move along.

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