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Multimillion-dollar retirement project comes to a close; where Lawrence ranks in the list of best college basketball towns

Ditto. By the way, it's Indiana University, not the University of Indiana. And it's the tournament of real champions, not the NIT.

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Dream job now a reality for Brian Hanni, the new voice of the Jayhawks

This is great...really enjoyed listening to Brian during his time at KLWN. Sounds like a humble guy who will do a great job covering the Jayhawks.

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Inside McCarthy Hall, the KU basketball team’s ‘insane’ new home

I get it that private money was used to build the new hoops living palace, and I also get it that KU Men's Basketball generates a LOT of revenue for KU, Lawrence, the State and private entities that have figured out how to make money on that bandwagon. I get it that KU hoops needs to keep up with Kentucky, Duke, etc. when it comes to player perks. I get ALL of that.

But what do our state legislators think when they see this and then soon will have a say in funding higher education in Kansas? Will lawmakers be able to separate "fact" from the impression that spending this kind of money on KU basketball players means that KU has plenty of accessible cash?

Perception v. Fact. What usually comes out on top?

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Nancy Hopkins retiring from FSHS volleyball

Nancy Hopkins has done a lot for Lawrence area volleyball but more importantly, she did a lot for the young ladies who played for her. She gave some the chance of a lifetime - to play a sport they loved, but maybe that kid didn't have a fountain of confidence in the early stages of her career. She taught them tough lessons - how to handle disappointment when high expectations weren't met, or to be gracious (and not gloat) when you beat a rival in a tough match.

We are in a high school sports era where success seems to only be calculated by trips to State and All-League selections. Many parents feel they have a god-given right to complain, coach from the sideline and send critical emails to the School AD when they feel their child has been slighted. I look back now and see that my daughter learned so much more from the disappointments - as well as the triumphs - and Hops had something to do with that.

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Why high school sports matter, and why they don't

The only part of your rant I take some issue with is your statement "And public high schools are not training camps for the NCAA. These are educational institutions whose mission is to mold boys and girls to become responsible, educated young men and women. Sports are a means to that end; they are not an end unto themselves."

True, in an ivory tower sense. As a parent who has recently lived through a child's college search, acceptance and final choice, I can tell you the sports she played in high school and her eventual proficiency in those sports resulted in athletic scholarship $$$. Couple that funding with academic scholarship $$$, and our family can afford to send her to college. So the years of work (and parental funding) for sports endeavors ("training camps") also served the higher purpose of NCAA scholarship and college attendance (and hopefully a college degree).

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KU radio producer big on details

Super nice guy. It was a pleasure to work with him at KLWN/KLZR in the early 90s. Deserves every accolade he gets.

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Local radio executive launches Lawrence Internet radio station that plays '70s, '80s, '90s pop hits

I would be more likely to support this (i.e., LISTEN) if it wasn't so similar to the same cr_p that you can hear on any AM station across the country, as well as many FM stations. Top 40 from the 70s,80s and 90s - whoa boy, really going out on the cultural cusp there!

I concur with the first comment - bring back the old Lazer 105.9! And FWIW, Spacin Jason, the last I heard, was a fairly successful radio producer for the main NPR affiliate in Chicago.

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Turning the tide: As traditional churches see interest wane, upstarts draw in young people

You can help people and be nice to people because it's the right thing to do. You don't need a church to tell you that in order to facilitate the action.

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Catholic Cardinals choose 266th pope

I'm just happy this Papal Sausage Fest is over. They are men. Just like us. No closer to G-O-D than my homeless friend under the bridge. I take that back... my friend IS closer to God.

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