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KU School of Nursing touts benefits of e-textbooks

I am a nursing student at Washburn, and we are using the e-books as well. As of now I would much rather have actual text books. I am hoping as the semester progresses I will be able to navigate the e-books easier. Also I find $850 for books you can't actually hold a little expensive, and even though the e-books are cheaper than the actual books you can't sell e-books back at the end of the year!

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Scoutmaster revitalizes Boy Scout Troop 61 in east Lawrence

I grew up in Troop 61 getting my Eagle Scout, and come from a single parent household. The troop being an outreach troop made Scouting possible for those who come from poor families. Some of the fondest memories I have come from this troop. I have worked with Rod over the years, and think it is great that he has come forward to dig the troop out of this hole. Scouting is such a great program that helps boys become young men and productive citizens.

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Police respond to reported armed robbery near Ninth and Tennessee

How do you not recall whether or not someone forced their way into your home. Either he let them in or they force their way in. I think that I would recall something like that...

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Living stories: Free State students will travel to Kenya for Miriam’s Circle team

I guess I will post a positive comment on here since the last 2 have been bittersweet. It is possible to raise money for trips via fundraisers. I didn't come from a well to do family and was able to raise money to do things like this. I hope that this group enjoys there time there and are able to make a difference in the lives of the kids there at least for the 2 weeks they are there.

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Have you dropped any money in a Salvation Army bell ringer's pot this season?

I do tend to drop some change when I have it in my pocket. When I don't drop in any change it has been due to the person manning the kettle. I have seen many of the kettles abandoned or the person there is smells horrid and is asking for a hand out as well. A word of advice never give the person manning the kettle cash in hand thinking that it will end up in the kettle. The majority of the people working the kettles are people who currently are living at the shelter and are getting paid to be a bell ringer. I have met some really nice people manning the kettle though. Last week I saw a mother and her kids and they were playing christmas music.

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Teacher on leave for taking choir to Hooters

The attire there isn't as bad as some things that you can see just walking downtown on a nice day in the summer. I remember a teacher taking the club to Hooters in high school. They have good wings!

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Which do you prefer, white meat or dark meat?

What in the heck is a walnut loaf, and why would you eat it on thanksgiving?

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Neighbors of proposed new homeless shelter planning opposition

All I have to say is I know quite a few of the people living at the shelter and my own father used to be one of them before leaving to mooch off of someone else in another state. A bunch of these people have jobs and could pay bills but choose not to since they can blow their checks on alcohol and drugs and live bill free. They say it takes a village to raise a child not it takes a city to support an addict. I believe in helping the needy especially people who have been supporting their families but have come on hard times. There are a bunch of homeless people who have been homeless here for years, and have no intention on changing things. I drive by the drop in center almost daily and you see people on the front portch or in back sitting around doing nothing when they could be looking for work. I believe it says God helps those who help themselves.

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Couple killed by wild dogs in Georgia had KU connection

I didn't read anything about pit bulls in the article. These animals were probably dumped out in the middle of no where and lived off of their instincts and hunted in a pack. It is a very sad story.

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Camper dies at Clinton Lake following insect sting

I don't think Diphenhydramine would have helped him if he declined so rapidly. An epi pen might not have even been enough to save him. It depends on how his body reacted to the venom. Whether his throat closed off (in which an artificial airway would have been needed) or whether he went in to cardiac arrest ( in which CPR or an AED would have been called for). In either case EMS would have needed to be there within minutes.
Such a tragic thing. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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