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Wealth gap


Your reply was pleasant, which is nice for a change since most people provide negative replies.

Yes, I did invest in the stock market, but no I do not consider myself lucky. I am not a financial genius of any sorts but by just a little bit of reading it is easy to sort out "who" to listen to and "who" not to listen to. I did not get serious about investing until 20 years before my retirement. People that in their 30's with annual income of $30,000 to $50,000 can amass great wealth by the time they reach 60 if they apply themselves.

So that is why I am disturbed by those who call themselves liberal and deem it necessary to "redistribute wealth" from those like me that worked hard, sacrifice small amounts of money each payday for investments to make my life better.

For the studies showing that societies with "more even distribution of wealth" having happier citizens - did you see the Oprah show she filmed in Sweden, maybe Denmark, where she interviewed a young woman about her life? The young woman explained how "everything" was provided by the government where "all" had the same equal status and Oprah was taken back just how happy this person was. Well, the real truth came out when Oprah went to her home, it was a "cookie cutter" housing where all had identical housing. Oprah asked the young woman, "Where do you put all of your stuff?". The woman replied, "What stuff?".

As far as Goldman Sachs, yes there were people that took advantage of the sub-prime mortgage securities; but go study how did the sub-prime mortgage securities grew so much. You will find out that politicians all but threaten banks to either make the sub-prime loans and then Fan Mae and Freddie Mac brought those sub-prime loans which launched banks such as Goldman Sachs to bundle the loans. By the way - I was in the market making money, not on the sub-prime loans, but I followed closely the housing markets and I knew that hoards of people getting sub-prime loans without documentation at 3% with Adjustable Mortgages would lead to financial collapse...hence knowing who to listen to, so I got out of the market in November 2007.

Bottom line here, if one is born into "wealth redistribution society" then one does not know of anything else. The Freedom of America allows anyone to achieve independence from the "wealth redistribution government society concept". If you study and look deep into European society of modern times you will discover that since WWI the European countries have lived a "socialist" life style...I for one enjoy my freedom way to much and would dread the thought of having to depend on the government to take care of me.

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Wealth gap

Richard, if you believe that the United States is the most unfair in wealth equality because there are people who work hard to increase their income by inventing, educating themselves, sitting aside just 5% of their income and learning how to invest their money with the least amount of risk, and be willing to relocate to obtain better and higher paying jobs then you should seek out those "other wealthy nations with better wealth balance" such as Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Venezuela, etc that have a more socialist wealth redistribution.

Tell me Richard, do you have food stamps? What about Section 8 housing? Do you quality for Earned Income Credit but are not applying for it? If you don't have health insurance, have you ever been denied health treatment at an emergency room? Do you ask for assistance from your local church if you are not being provided food stamps?

I have listened to Rush Limbaugh for over 20 years and I have never heard Rush urge anyone to bear arms to take back their government - I must have missed those programs.

Tell me Richard, do you invest money regardless of the amount? Do you ever listen to radio shows that have investment programs or do you believe these people are simply the wealthy1% and are just trying to rip you off?

Richard, I certainly did not make or even come close to the income of the rich, those making more than $250,000 per year as defined by President Obama. But you know what, by saving just 5% to 8% per month I was able to retire, build my dream home of $300,000, have a new F-150 truck, and live quite comfortably. So quit complaining about this Nation not being socialist enough to correct the wealth imbalance, and get off of you dead butt and improve yourself.

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Bair urges financial reform

Does everyone really think or believe that the "federal government" lacked sufficient regulations due to the fact that home loans were made without the slightest verification of income to make the payment of the home loan principle & interest? The answer is NO!

Look at the number of home mortgages that were processed based on the individual or individuals having enough income to make the home payment including principle, interest, taxes, insurance - THE REASON OF FAILURE WAS THAT THE LOAN WAS BASED ON 3% or 3.5% interest AS AN ADJUSTABLE MORTGAGE. DID ANYONE THINK FOR A SECOND THAT THE INTEREST RATE WOULD REMAIN THE SAME OR GO LOWER WITHIN 2 TO 5 YEARS???

Hello FORECLOSURE!!!! When the market reacted to loan failures (the guy at Goldman knew that these loans were going to fail along with most of the people with any common sense) the market came tumbling down...because the government "bailed out the banks" the world economy will never know if the banks were to big to fail...I believe that big banks should have been made to go through bankruptcy let investors take the hit and not all of the American taxpayers.

For financial reform - very simple; let businesses fail, and bar adjustable mortgages from the market. The loans should either be 15, 20, or 30 year fixed with VA and FHA loans with zero down. AND ONE MORE THING - ELECT FEDERAL OFFICIALS THAT SPEAK THE TRUTH, HAS INTEGRITY, AND THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF ETHICS.

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Lawrence to become first city in Kansas to get smart electricity meters

Barrypenders - You say it is "free"? Is not there a charge on your electric bill that reads something to the effect of: Advanced Metering Cost Recovery Factor.

If there is, then you new meter is not free; also ask WESTSTAR how many months you will pay that fee.

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Kansas lawmakers to debate ban on texting while driving

For those that think this is stupid you have not lost a friend or family member because a person was texting while driving. My nephew and was killed in June 2008 by a driver who was texting. The weather was clear; the road was straight, nothing to obstruct the drivers view EXCEPT HIS CELL PHONE. My sister and brother-in-law and their two other sons suffered a loss that they will live with forever. So for those that believe this law would be stupid then you will sooner or later be the cause of an accident and high probability of taking someone’s life!!!

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Heads up Turner Gill...you will be judged, depending on your salary, by none other than Mr. Dolph C. Simons Jr. If you make over $100,000 per year Mr. Simons will write that you are over paid...of course on the other hand Mr. Simons may refrain from commenting about your salary and not open himself to racism. What say you Mr. Simons, is $100,000 to much for Mr. Gill?

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Briscoe to enter 2010 NFL Draft

Rating of two Kansas receivers, Meier & Briscoe, on a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the best...Meier 10 and Briscoe 5. Best of luck to Briscoe but the next level will be a real shock when he put on the Pro pads and a Pro defensive back hits him at half-speed...there are at least 20 wide receivers in the college ranks that are better than him...

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Not-so-gentle reign

Winning At Football

There are two categories of football players - playing at football and winning at football. The winning at football player does everything possible to out perform their opponent, which requires hours of personal time to be their very best. If anyone wants an example then simply look at the Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Last season Colt McCoy was a "good" quarterback "playing football", during the off season Colt McCoy applied himself to hours of physical conditioning which vastly improved his strength, speed, ability and this year Colt McCoy is "winning at football".

Watching Kansas this season there is one football player that has stood out and that is Kerry Meier. Kansas has an excellent nucleus of players that will return; if those players commit themselves to hours in physical conditioning starting now till the first game in 2010 then Kansas has the potential for Winning At Football regardless who is the coach.

One last thought - those that think it is tough with Coach Mangino will find life after college football very difficult and will look back at Coach Mangino as a very easy time. The take away from this is very simple, life is what you make of it and not what others make it for you - YOU CAN EITHER WIN OR JUST PLAY FOOTBALL.

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Preserving penmanship in the Computer Age

It is very satisfying to know that Susan Niedenthal understands the value of the "3 R's". It would probably be better if grade school children had to write and not even be close to a computer. The value of good handwriting has far more positive impact than learning the "keyboard". If there is a teacher that desires a "bonus" at Deerfield Shcool that would be Susan Niedenthal. Way to go Susan.

What about the math teachers at Deerfield, do they allow calculators in the classroom or do they have the same standard as Susan and students have to add, subtract, multiply, and divide by "writing" the numbers. ?

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Protesters decry coal use near Westar

For all that oppose Coal Burning Electrical Plants, just how many of you actually experienced living pre-1955 life style?

How many of you lived in a house with no air-conditioning, cooked on a wood stove, trotted to the one or two sitter outhouse in the winter to go poop, heated your home from the wood stove, had to grow a garden so you would have vegetables to can to eat for 9+ months, butchered your hogs and cattle for your years worth of meat for a family of five, and was thankful for two pairs of warm house slippers at Christmas?

If you cannot answer "yes I did" to all of the above, quit bitching about the coal fired electric plants. And if this is not enough then you lack the common sense and deserve to live with the horrors of what we have today. If anyone of you believe that there is enough sunlight and wind to provide "all" of the electrical power for a nation with 300 million people, then please share your secret from the world you came from with the United States of America.

Oh, one last thing...For those that want Clean Energy Now have you walked to work each and every day for the pass year? If not then stay at home and turn out your lights, don't cook on your electric stove, turn off your heat, don't use the electric can opener to open the can of soup that you will have to eat cold.

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