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Sheahon Zenger's challenge: Find money to make coaching change

So far it appears all of the comments lean to "the coaches are 100% responsible for the KU poor performance". I have watched several of the games and I don't recall seeing any of the coaches fully uniformed on the field missing tackles, missing blocking assignments, dropping passes, inaccurate passing, or making pentalies.

The current KU players have plenty of talent but sorely lack a key ability....IT IS CALLED DESIRE TO PERFORM AND WIN!!!!!!

Want to know what "DESIRE" looks like? You just saw it this weekend but the players were wearing "Purple & White"

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Solid Waste Task Force hears suggestions to encourage residents to recycle

Public or Private sector waste management - which is more efficient? Don't get caught in this trap because: 1) Overhead (personnel payroll & equipment maintenance) should not be more than 1% difference between public and private sector operations. 2) Landfill cost (purchase of land and environmental containment) should be the same cost. 3) The BIG DIFFERENCE - with public operations changes to operations that drive cost can be implemented immediately but with private operations changes to operations there is almost always cost increases because changes to the waste contract will result in increased cost and be passed along to the residents.

So how does one go about increasing recycling while reducing Overhead to the lowest possible cost? Very simple: 1) Institute a waste management operations where residents can pick their level of waste service. For example, if a resident (not a commercial business) does not desire to recycle then they pay a flat rate per 45 gal container for a weekly pickup. Set the price at $50 per month. For residents that want to recycle these residents are provided the following containers: one 120 gallon yard waste container for grass clippings and leaves, one 45 gallon container for recycle material, and one 30 gallon container for landfill waste matter. The yard waste and recycle material will be picked up every second and forth week and the landfill waste matter will be picked up every first and third week. The monthly cost would be $7.50.

Everyone will scream that this will require a new outlay of equipment and cost money NOW. But if the city is serious about waste management then no one should look at the near term cost but the long term benefit-cost ratio.

Lastly, private operations are no more effective than public operations because both private and public employ humans it is the Leadership that determines efficiency and lowest operating cost.

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Lew Perkins' tenure as Kansas athletic director comes to a sudden conclusion — months ahead of schedule

KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little , would be it to much to ask that one criteria of the new athletic director is the ability to count athletic tickets sold versus total athletic tickets available and above all...show us the money?

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Let high-schoolers sleep in, state health officer says

Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips, that is a great idea of having school start later in the morning...er, wait a minute...but in order to attain the necessary mandatory teaching hours in a day how do you accommodate by not shifting back everything in a students daily life by that one hour?

Does not matter if the student is participating in athletics, working after school gets out, has the same amount of homework, ect. When you shift back the start of the "work day" all of the activities are shifted back the equal amount of time...Oh, I get it...you are going to invoke going off of "daylight time" everyday where we can set back the clock one hour when we go to sleep.

You people with PhD's are so much brighter than the rest of us.

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School board considering tax increase

The pictures of the Lawrence School Board should be posted in each United States Postal Offices with the caption:


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Trash service costs for Lawrence residents likely to rise with increase in landfill fees

To Easy To Clean-up Trash Service Cost

In the early 90’s I was lived in Pierce County, Tacoma, Washington and paid $35 per month for weekly trash pick-up even though I recycled paper, cans, plastic, and glass. Cost of landfill was the same issue there. So Pierce County came up with an alternative rates for trash pick-up. Pierce County provided the following containers for those that participated in recycling and reducing volume of trash that went to the landfill: one 120 gallon container for yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, small tree trimmings), four 10 gallon containers for paper, cans, plastic, and glass, and one 25 gallon container for trash to be picked –up for landfill disposal – the yard waste, recycle, and landfill containers were picked-up twice a month – the cost dropped from $35 per month to $15 per month. If a residence did not want to participate then they were provided one 50-gallon container for weekly pick-up and the cost was $75 per month. Commercial business had to recycle.

The immediate result was that trash that went to landfill was reduced by 85%. The cost reduction was easy to achieve because there was over a 50% reduction in fuel cost for weekly trash pick-up and one-third reduced labor cost.

There are counties in San Diego, CA that now only pick-up recycle and landfill trash only once a month and have just two containers, one for recycle and one for landfill trash as they have technology to allow residents to put paper, cans, plastic, and glass all in the same recycle container and is automatically separated at a recycle facility. The containers are such that there is just the truck driver as the truck picks up the trash containers. What drove San Diego to this was landfill cost but more importantly stopping underground pollution.

This recycle waste technology is far more important than any “Cap and Trade” energy that President Obama and environmentalist are pushing.

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Questions arise whether Lew Perkins violated state ethics law by accepting 'loan' of exercise equipment

What would anyone expect? Lew Perkins can't keep track of athletic tickets so how does anyone expect him to keep track of exercising equipment?

Stupid is as stupid does.

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Government isn’t our enemy

Mr. Pitts, the reason Governor Bobby Jindal is calling on the "Big Federal Government" is because the actions that Governor Jindal wants to take "requires big federal government bureaucracy" to approve or Governor Jindal faces criminal charges for breaking the "big federal government laws". Governor Jindal asked to construct 11 "sand barriers" to help prevent the oil from coming ashore...did the federal government give permission? No, the "big federal government" said they had to do an "environment impact study". Duh!!!

So the crude oil hit the beaches, and President Obama saw that and said he would have the federal government work on that!!! A day late, dollar short, and Obama Stupid!!!

So Mr. Pitts, the "big federal government" is still stupid and not listening to common sense people because there is an idiot as President!!!

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Drunken driver who killed Lawrence woman on bicycle sentenced to 6 months in jail

If Joel Hernandez would have texting & driving and killed a Douglas County Deputy Sheriff he would not be in jail for six months. Kansas has different standards for "killing a person" while operating a motor vehicle.

Yep, 6 months or 6 years and a million dollar fine will not make any difference to Rachel Leek and her family. But somewhere there needs to be justice when a person life is taken due to a total inappropriate driver.

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Wealth gap


Your reply was pleasant, which is nice for a change since most people provide negative replies.

Yes, I did invest in the stock market, but no I do not consider myself lucky. I am not a financial genius of any sorts but by just a little bit of reading it is easy to sort out "who" to listen to and "who" not to listen to. I did not get serious about investing until 20 years before my retirement. People that in their 30's with annual income of $30,000 to $50,000 can amass great wealth by the time they reach 60 if they apply themselves.

So that is why I am disturbed by those who call themselves liberal and deem it necessary to "redistribute wealth" from those like me that worked hard, sacrifice small amounts of money each payday for investments to make my life better.

For the studies showing that societies with "more even distribution of wealth" having happier citizens - did you see the Oprah show she filmed in Sweden, maybe Denmark, where she interviewed a young woman about her life? The young woman explained how "everything" was provided by the government where "all" had the same equal status and Oprah was taken back just how happy this person was. Well, the real truth came out when Oprah went to her home, it was a "cookie cutter" housing where all had identical housing. Oprah asked the young woman, "Where do you put all of your stuff?". The woman replied, "What stuff?".

As far as Goldman Sachs, yes there were people that took advantage of the sub-prime mortgage securities; but go study how did the sub-prime mortgage securities grew so much. You will find out that politicians all but threaten banks to either make the sub-prime loans and then Fan Mae and Freddie Mac brought those sub-prime loans which launched banks such as Goldman Sachs to bundle the loans. By the way - I was in the market making money, not on the sub-prime loans, but I followed closely the housing markets and I knew that hoards of people getting sub-prime loans without documentation at 3% with Adjustable Mortgages would lead to financial collapse...hence knowing who to listen to, so I got out of the market in November 2007.

Bottom line here, if one is born into "wealth redistribution society" then one does not know of anything else. The Freedom of America allows anyone to achieve independence from the "wealth redistribution government society concept". If you study and look deep into European society of modern times you will discover that since WWI the European countries have lived a "socialist" life style...I for one enjoy my freedom way to much and would dread the thought of having to depend on the government to take care of me.

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