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After stepping down, former KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little still receiving more than $500,000 per year salary in 'special advisor' role

In summary: The Kansas Board of Regents searched high and low, turned over every rock in the Nation, amassed mountains of information on numerous people, looked in ever nook and cranny, interviewed slews of people to find the most highly undisputed qualified person to replace the KU Chancellor Gray-Little. After countless hours and days of grinding their teeth the Kansas Board of Regents made the gigantic decision in selecting KU Medical Center leader Douglas Girod. Because of Girod's undisputed superior qualification the Kansas Board of Regents agreed to a salary of $550,000 for Douglas Girod. Yep, Douglas Girod was the person that has the undisputed intelligence to lead KU into the 22nd Century.

BUT WAIT!!! Douglas wasn't as smart as the Kansas Board of Regents thought so they kept Chancellor Gray-little on the payroll at the tune of $510041 to "teach" Douglas Girod the "ins and outs, the ropes, and most importantly the location of the KU cafeteria.

Who would have thunk that the Kansas Board of Regents was so smart...Maybe Adidas.

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No insurance and hooked on drugs? Chances are, you won't find treatment in Douglas County

Many years ago there was the D.A.R.E. program where local law enforcement would provide information to elementary school children on the danger of drugs. But local officials decided to eliminate the program either to save money or someone decided it was ineffective.

So now government officials think it is morally responsible to treat drug addicts to get them "clean". Never mind about talking about educating the youth that drugs and alcohol are bad and will destroy ones life - no the liberal mind set that runs the schools don't believe in that but rather to fill the minds of the youth with other necessary mush that does not even come close on how drugs and alcohol will destroy one's body and life. It is a wonder that educators are teaching the "rights" to smoke marijuana.

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KU chancellor discusses ‘very unkind’ state funding cut and possible impact on tuition

Dear Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little:

There are no specifics on how you will cut cost based on the reduction in funding. The easy thing to do is to raise tuition.

For example Chancellor are you willing to take a 4% reduction in your salary? Are you going to forego a salary increase to professors? What contract services can be eliminated or reduced? How can the University reduce it utility costs? How much will the federal grants offset the State reduction in funding? What perks does the University provide for yourself or faculty and if so can these perks be reduced or terminated?

When the few above questions can be explained in detail with specifics then parents and students may accept your proposed increase to tuition as the only means to offset funding reductions.

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KU vote funds separate, multicultural student government; organizers call move unprecedented among U.S. universities

We want equality, but we want our own rice bowl to assimilate equally. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

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'I'm a Kansas Guy': Thousands greet Obama during KU visit

President Obama, you are not a Kansas Guy...go back to your native country.

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KU journalism professor condemned by administrators for tweet about NRA

Guth, who was censured by the university in 2011 over an angry exchange with a colleague, said he was not surprised that Brill and Caboni condemned his comments publicly, though he regretted that they were drawn into the debate. And that is his only regret, he said.

One would think that the "angry exchange" probably was very severe to draw a "university censured action"...protected by privacy rights; one has to wonder - was Guth required to complete an Anger Mangement course or was he simply sent to sit in the corner of his cubicle with a Dunce Hat for the day.

Have not read where the Navy Yard shooter was connected to the NRA, but there were confirmed reports that the shooter was an avid player of violent video games, and had mental issues of hearing voices.

One has to wonder if Guth "hear voices"...

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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

After reading the comments, most think that KU will be back...just wait till the next time...not a big deal...

Been a KU fan for over 50 years...the TCU game was the worst game KU played. The OU game was not that much better.

So Monday Night is a Clint Eastwood Night...You gotta ask yourself, Do You Feel Lucky??? Well, KU Team, do you??? If you, KU Team, feel lucky then Rock Chalk UP YOUR FOURTH LOST IN A ROW. Playing on Your Luck is what got you three straight losses.

Perhaps grammaddy is on to something...because in the last three games it appeared the KU team was playing as if they had a huge hangover.

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Update to labor laws could prevent youths from doing certain tasks

Heaven Forbid!!! It is about time that Mrs. Solis, who has worked in the government sector all of her life, put a halt to farm children from doing farm chores! Let alone knows which end of the pitch fork pitches manure.

Yes to not allowing farm children from gathering eggs in the chicken coop because the chicken coop is essentially a manure pit.

Yes to not allowing farm children from riding in a climate controlled cab of a farm tractor with their father ~ the dangers in a climate controlled cab of a farm tractor is really bad.

Yes to not allowing farm children from greasing the farm implements ~ those grease guns are very dangerous and can go off without warning.

Yes to not allowing farm children that are holding the vaccinating medications for their father ~ those vaccinating medications are very heavy.

Yes to not allowing farm children inside a grain silo (bins) to scoop out the grain ~ the grain silos and bins are very dark places and the “boogyman” hides there.

So what are farm parents to do with their farm children? Easy, send them to sad_lawrencian house as sad-lawrencian will never allow those farm children to return to their parents farm as the children may cut their foot by stepping on a fresh pile of cow manure!

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KU football turns eye to future

Mainly "tongue in cheek" thought...Gil was suppose to be "the" coach with not the record to support it and it cost big money - so is the next coach going to be "record proven" but will end up "not the" coach and the cost will be greater.

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KU football turns eye to future

KU should stop the searching over the nation for a football coach...there is a local coach that has a better record and lives in Lawrence and would win more than 2 games. Who is it?

Mr. Lisher coaching tenure spans 29 years from including one year as head football coach at South Jr. High in Lawrence to nine years as Defensive coordinator at Lawrence high school. Coach Lisher has coached in 8 State Championship football games winning seven. He also served as head track coach at Lawrence High school for four years where he won a State Championship in 1991. Coach Lisher has been head football coach for eighteen years, three at Blue Valley and fifteen at Free State. Coach Lisher has also coached in three Shrine Bowl high school all-star games, serving as head coach in 2006 as well as four Kansas City Metro All star games serving as head coach in 2010.

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