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Lawrence public works placing barricades to keep cut-through traffic out of Schwegler Neighborhood

I live in the Park Hill Neighborhood south of Checkers. Wish they would have put up barricades when they had 23rd and 31st streets all tore up to keep people from flying through our neighborhood.

So if I'm shopping Southwest Plaza (Cork & Barrel, etc.) at 23rd and Iowa, it's nearly impossible to turn east on to 23rd and illegal to turn south on to Iowa. To go home I would take the frontage east to Ousdahl and get on 23rd there. But now that access is blocked while they're building the Qboba. So, instead, I would turn north on to Iowa and take 19th east over to Louisiana. Then they closed 19th, so I would take 21st instead. Looks like I can't do that anymore either.

I live in Lawrence. I am "Local Traffic."

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LMH accuses KanCare contractors of systematically denying legitimate claims

"They’re in the business to make money, and we appreciate that. We are too," Thomas said.

I guess I've always misunderstood what "not-for profit" means.

LMH continues to be a community-owned, not-for-profit hospital that serves the health care needs of the community regardless of an individual's ability to pay. http://www.lmh.org/about-us/

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Gun/tactical supply store opening in West Lawrence, city to consider buying street light system, request to close portion of N.H. street until March

Are they still going to allow northbound traffic on New Hampshire, as previously reported?

Motorists also will have to make adjustments at the intersection. Kimball said through traffic will be allowed through the intersection during construction, but it will be shifted to different lanes.

During much of the construction period, the portion of the northbound lane of New Hampshire Street in front of the project will be closed. The northbound traffic will be shifted to the center turn lane of New Hampshire Street. Also, the portion of the eastbound lane of Ninth Street that runs along the side of the site will be closed. The eastbound traffic will be shifted to the center turn lane on Ninth Street.


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City set to finalize curbside recycling program to begin October 2014; monthly rate $2.81

I wonder what will stop my dumpster-diving junk hound neighbors from clearing out all the scrap metal and aluminum from our alley.

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Town Talk: Testing for possible grave sites at Ninth and New Hampshire likely in next few days

No core samples, either. Will probably screen the fill/matrix thorugh 1/4" or 1/8" hardware cloth.

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Town Talk: Testing for possible grave sites at Ninth and New Hampshire likely in next few days

I imagine they'll be digging test excavation units, 1m x 1m square, down 6' or so. If the OSA is indeed doing the tests, I doubt they have GPR, or any other remote sensing devices. Just speculation, though.

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Color Run Lawrence

I live at 8th and NY and work (happened to be working this weekend) at 13th and Oregon. Never received a postcard at home or at work.

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Nearly 8,000 lose power as wide-ranging outage hits core of Lawrence; nearly all service restored within an hour

Off at home (11th and Penn) but on here at work at 13th and Oregon.

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