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U.S. Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage could affect Kansas

srj- It seems you might need to take an intro to U.S. government class.

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Former area Boy Scouts react to decision allowing gay scouts

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Duo has plan to convert Teller's into gastropub with heavy emphasis on craft beers; Papa Murphy's opens with special event for Boys and Girls Club today

Wow, Nonsense, you must be a joy to be around. Onward on your straight line towards the cold grave!

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

Thank GOD people can buy guns on the internet and at gun shows without having a background check performed on them! Wait a minute, what?

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Editorial: Inexcusable delay

This is the government you paranoids want, voted for and put into office.

Would hate for the slowpokes in the State Govt. to make absolutely sure a person is in a proper state of mental health, isn't a criminal, prone to violence, etc. if it takes more time, because the speed at which an individual is allowed to have a clip full of hollow tip bullets as he or she walks the violent hell of Kansas trumps the rest of our right to live in a society without fragile freaks with loaded semi-automatic weapons attached to their belts.

It's so comforting to know a person who is so unbalanced (or stupid) they call a bureaucratic delay a "travesty" (not to mentioned write editorials that read like the irrational ravings of a brain scrambled teen on their blog page) is one of the ones foaming at the mouth to get a permit to carry loaded weapon among us, or more likely already has one, loaded, ready to go.

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Editorial: Thatcher inspiration

hahahaha, oh Dolph! Your editorials are unmistakable: credulous middle school quality analysis, Fox News sourced.

God bless the affirmative action of inheritance, the window it gives to those who were given all they have.

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KU Medical Center under the budget knife; committee removes $10 million for health education building

Thank God Honest Tom Arpke is on the case! Sure, he had to resign from Kris Kobach's campaign for not reporting a quarter of the campaign finances, but he'll get to the bottom of this!

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KU student arrested on felony drug charges Wednesday night

28 grams is a felony? wtf? Marijuana laws are criminal.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Yeah, bigtoe, the LJW is quite the commie rag. It being owned by a Fox News parroting Republican is just cover for their true beliefs.

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Sound Off: Armed guards in school

I love the idea of having some of my former teachers armed! 1. the one that attacked another for getting with his wife. 2. the three (known) drunks 3. the little weirdo English teacher with the Vietnam fetish (too young too have been in Nam) 4. the one that was fired for harassing female students.

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