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Kansas hoops recruit Kelly Oubre feels ‘love’

I agree, onewillow. Making millions before you are 25 years old playing basketball in the NBA, and then being jettisoned to make millions in Europe is such a terrible waste. So sad.

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What would you do to lower the federal deficit?

Foreign Aid is 1-1.5% of the federal budget.

Not a great place to start

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Author invited to speak on race issues in the U.S. as part of 60th anniversary of KU American Studies


Yes, you should go ask him a question or two, engage in a conversation and pit what you "believe" against his scholarship.

Good luck

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Kansas unemployment rate increases for third straight month

Can't wait until Brownback opens those floodgates he's been designing for the economy! It's gonna be great!

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Editorial: Too poor?

skinny- I hope you are kidding. If not, you should really quit having opinions about anything reality based. Good God, how ignorant.

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Community Mercantile outlasts competition and changing marketplace

Snobby? Are you people out sniffing for slights, or high? Going to Merc always seems exactly like going to a small grocery store to me. What is it you imagine people are thinking about you? Need to lay off the weed, y'paranoid weirdos.

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Kobach considering plan that could produce two kinds of voters

Wadde Salmon,

Maybe you are joking (your barely literate style of writing is throwing me), but according to the "facts" your "state of kansas friend" is telling you: there must be at least 84 state employees whose only job is to process citizenship requests.

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Kobach considering plan that could produce two kinds of voters

Inefficient solutions (the goofiness spelled out in this article) for a problem (voter fraud) that doesn't exist that are somehow supposed to be carried out by an underfunded government full of "lazy" state workers that "can't make it in the real world so they mooch off of taxpayers". Way to go, Kris.

Is this really Conservatism, or creative B.S. from another Ivy League snake oil salesman trying desperately to join the ruling class by treating us hayseeds as stupid, drooling dogs?

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Officials say immigration bill would help KU recruit international grad students, faculty

The mission of KU, which is less than 1/4 funded by taxpayers, is available here:

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KU pharmacy school stays at No. 2 in national research rankings

Good job, faculty, staff and students.

*Ah, stubborn, stubborn, LJW: Here is the actual name of the school (from website): "University of Kansas School of Pharmacy," but hey, I guess style over facts, right editors?

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