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Town Talk: Lawrence ranks No. 17 on Forbes' "Best Small Places for Business and Careers"

Wow, the job market must be REALLY bad if we're the 17th best. Very few good career jobs with decent pay and benefits in Lawrence and getting worse.

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Letter: Repeal postal act

What you just read.

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Letter: Postal plan

What anger specifically? The PMG is entirely complicit with those seeking to privatize the USPS and has said very little about the PAEA. Instead of rallying the troops against Congress, the PMG is their lap dog. Also, it's the Postal Board of Governors, NOT the Postal Regulatory Commission that further hamstrings the USPS. I know my facts, all of them. You've made a good start but keep reading.

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Drug testing for welfare benefits one of many bills worked on as Legislature nears deadline

I'm sure you pay a ton of money to welfare recipients with the taxes withheld from your part-time convenience store clerk job. Why you probably pay for one quarter of a candy bar per paycheck! This is really about beating up poor people and about you having to feel superior to those poor people.

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Lawrence school board votes to oppose anti-union bill

Yes, those greedy workers at Goodyear should be happy to make the same wage as a Chinese worker. Except at that wage they couldn't buy the product they produce. Or any other product. And then they would become "takers" not "makers". Come on, let's here the refrain, "they should just be thankful they have a job".

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U.S. Postal Service to cut Saturday mail delivery to trim costs

Yes, those bad, bad people with pensions and benefits! No one should have those! Why do you hate Unions so much? Don't you realize that Unions are the single most important reason why an American middle class exists?

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U.S. Postal Service to cut Saturday mail delivery to trim costs

Would you break even if you had a 30 year mortgage that you had to pay off in four years? Didn't think so...see, you really can't have it both ways

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Twinkie manufacturer Hostess moves to liquidate after crippling strike

"If a company were to employ the same tactics against an employee there would be an outcry"...Uhhhhh, ever hear the term "lockout"?

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