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Opinion: GOP needs move to middle

Never watch Fox. Find no value in that station. Read actual transcripts, watch c-span and go to actual events. I do watch MSNBC in the evening to see how it's reported.

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Opinion: GOP needs move to middle

Popular vote almost equally split down the middle while some GOP positions horrible mischaracterized. Sounds like the GOP is right where they need to be. They just need to be better at explaining their ideals.

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Town Talk: Downtown Italian restaurant set to open today; sad tale of how Lawrence Hereford House led to crime; city to recycle unwanted trash cans on Friday

"as the lack of a shirtless banjo player on my porch proves."

You are so fun to read! Write a book someday would ya? Dave Barry's made a dime or two and he has nothing on you.


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Live coverage of Election Day 2012

What a great picture of the first time voter!! Xueying Wang - congratulations, welcome to America and THANK YOU for participating in our republic. I'm sure the US just became a little bit better because of you.

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Town Talk: City trying to determine what type of fine it can levy on Varsity House project; Deciphera undertaking new strategy, rumors of layoffs

This developer/architect combo has developed quite a habit of doing whatever they want and then playing it as an innocent misunderstanding. Shame on them the first time but.....

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Injury accident reported at Lecompton KTA interchange

I agree. Went by at 7:30 and there was a helicopter standing by. Emergency personnel must have thought at least one of the injuries was very serious.

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Jayhawk tailgating kicks off today with first football game

Is there free parking (or cheaper than $20) on campus with access to the shuttle service?

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Heartbreaker in New Orleans

Worst shooting but biggest hearted team I've seen in a while. I'd go to battle with these kids because you know they would give it their all. Thank you team. No shame in this season.

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Everyone's talking about … Elena Delle Donne

Time to talk about Goodrich.

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Brownback's Facebook page swamped with posts critical of his anti-abortion stance

Come on. Really? Is this really what they pay this guy to report on?

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