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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

Then why does the administration keep changing it?

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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

"Capable of working", "no dependents", "20 hours a week". http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=&l=Kansas. Is this really a horrible burden?

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Member of nominating commission says Stegall was overlooked earlier because of politics

You forgot the arts and cute puppies.

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Another shocker! 12th-seeded KU women upset South Carolina, 75-69, to return to Sweet 16

No one deserves this success more than this group of women. They just go out each game and play their tails off. It's been a joy watching these seniors play and look forward to seeing the underclassmen follow the same path of growth.

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Advance voting hours extended until 7 tonight; Lawrence City Commission election will go on as scheduled Tuesday

Will the information on what stations open up tomorrow be available anywhere?

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Opinion: GOP needs move to middle

I'm sure you understand how the electoral college is not an accurate measure of the voice of the people. It is a good tool for electing officials but not a poll.

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Opinion: GOP needs move to middle

It's clear to me he meant legitimate accusation of rape. A rape charge that has merit. You must admit there are times that individuals have been accused of rape and those accusations turned out to not be legitimate. What he said afterward was certainly misinformed and that could have been enough for me to question his qualifications but I don't believe he feels some rapes are ok.

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Opinion: GOP needs move to middle

I'm no more "anti-gay, anti-minority, anti-science, anti-teacher, anti-working-poor, and even pro-rape language" than I suspect you are anti-life, anti-accountability, anti-God, anti-family... Our ideas on how we should care for each other, respect each others differences, prosper as a nation may be different but try as you might - I am not evil.

Basing your understanding on the others positions on sound bites is exactly what I believe we need to guard against. It may be a part of our culture but that doesn't mean it should become the standard of communication. I don't believe President Obama was meaning that the business owners didn't build there own business anymore than I believe Mr. Akin believes in levels of rape.

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Opinion: GOP needs move to middle

Rejected? Just about a tie in popular vote and renewed control in the House. This election was not a mandate for either side. It also true that when the country actually heard Romney in his own words during the debates, President Obama's lead was erased. Are you fond of those facts.

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Opinion: GOP needs move to middle

I might!

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