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Self, who picked ’Cats, keeps busy in CBS studio

get back to work making your team tougher bill!!!

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No official word yet on Aldrich, Henry

I completely agree PhogFan86! And, the other posts respecting the decisions of both Cole and Xavier to do whatever is best for them and their families.

Look at it this way, if they do come back, then it will continue to delay the development of both Elijah and Thomas. We should be very excited to see these young guys develop into men and great ball players.

The person that worries me the most is Tyshawn. While he did seem to mature a little bit in the latter stages of the season, I am still not convinced he has entirely bought into Coach Self's system. I could be wrong. As an athlete there's no question about him. In terms of maturity, toughness, and intelligence I have many worries.

I have just one hope for next year: Tyrel Reed starts. The thing we need most is a shooting guard that can actually shoot. Xavier was a good shooter, but he was not nearly as aggressive as he could have been. Tyrel is super tough and intelligent.

I am already looking forward to next year.

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Next year, title possible

Keegen, why wouldn't Taylor be starting? Why are you writing off Tyrel? He was our best player against UNI.

Ideal 5:

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Where would Sherron Collins rank in your list of all-time favorite KU basketball players?

these comments about his children are utterly sickening. you all should feel ashamed. no player in our history has matured more in four years than sherron.

you are not real fans! you are pathetic and like to kick people when they are on top.

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Tyshawn Taylor will make return to starting lineup

Tyshawn has angered me more this year than any player we've had since C.J. Giles...but, this is a great move by Coach Self because our offense must get its edge back. Tyshawn's speed will facilitate this by making the ball move around the court faster, and provide more versatility in the high-low to give the bigs more opportunities, as well as with the outlets to our shooters on the perimeter. Puddlegum puts it well when he says that "Tyshawn will become a great penetration machine". All fans worried about Tyshawn's tendency to make stupid decisions will be comforted in knowing that Brady is still likely to close games out for us due to his patience and intelligence. The first of the game needs to be about establishing offensive tempo, and we've failed to do this in previous weeks.

Another great decision Coach Self! Hopefully Tyshawn doesn't make you regret it.

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Little, Releford better off red-shirting

Both of their decisions show the high character that these young men have. It shows they are considering the team first and foremost, which is why Self teams are so successful. No matter what we end up achieving this season one thing is a given: we will also be competing for a national championship next season due to significant inputs from Mario and Travis. Watching UNC this season proves how Kansas separates itself from all other elite programs: we do not slump coming off national championship seasons, we retool and strengthen. Thank you Bill Self for recruiting young men with the highest standards of character!

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Getting to know Turner Gill ...

With the hiring of Turner Gill I am very happy that my alma mater has two people with the best characters I have witnessed in contemporary athletics coaching our two most important sports programs. The other, of course, is Bill Self. Both men are honest, sincere, and intelligent. I hope they both retire from KU.

Welcome to KU Coach Gill!

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Mangino’s words just overkill

Agreed! An utterly horrible article, and you should be ashamed to call yourself a 'journalist'.
Dear editors of LJ world,
Did Lew Perkin$ pay you off or something? Utterly amazing how there's not been a single word printed concerning the growing backlash against the extremely poor way that Perkin$ handled this situation.

A closing question: what coach would want to come to Kansas now, knowing that they will be working under a tyrant CEO-like figure?

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

I am very happy to see all the calls for Lew Perkins to be fired. Lew has disgraced our athletics program more than Mangino, without a doubt.
If taxpayers fund Mangino's salary, don't they deserve to know that the buyout payment was?
Why was the investigation made public, but the findings of it are not?

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