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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

I drank the Kool-Aid. Should have seen this coming. Throughout the year this team maybe only played 2 or 3 really good games where they were expected to dominate and they did.

Honestly, I had KU in my bracket to win it all. But now I’m glad its over. Collins was very overrated this year and hurt this team more than helped it. But the pressures of fatherhood can make individuals divide their focus.

Cole seems lazy and had trouble with any good big men. Take the money, cant see you improving anymore in one year.

But, the most overrated player to ever set foot on campus as a freshman has to be Xavier Henry. Get your money from the NBA and sit on the bench. This is why no one likes the NBA, too many players not worthy of what the NBA use to be.

Hope in the future that if a kid seems to be one and done, we let them go. We don’t need to comprise the program for these type of players.

If you can say one good thing about Frank Martin at K-State is that he gets his players to play over their potential. We’re soft and probably representative of the liberal culture of KU. Bill has had some major brain cramps in the NCAA tournament. Without a miracle shot, and a miss in the regional he still wouldn’t have a NCAA title.

While the 88 team overachieved, this team underachieved. Given it all, give me the 86 team and we would mop the floor with any KU team since.

As I get older these games remind me that it is only a game and it’s just not that important in the big scheme of things. Had it not snowed today, maybe should have played golf. We shouldn’t put these kids on pedestals. Fans and the media need to get a grip.....myself included.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Blackshirt: Who gets the credit? The head coach or assistants. Gill wasn't the head coach at Nebraska during that Heisman.

5 wins a season is a good resume? If he is 20-30 at Kansas after four years will you still feel the same? Ithink right now with KS hiring Gill, that some coleges have to believe that Mangino should be a steal given his record and the mess he had to clean up.... and he did it against Big 12 competition (sometimes).

Redbull if I didn't know better I would think you are a Tiger fan. Not for sure there is a lot of correlation between playing in a winning program and winning as a coach. If there was we'd have a lot more former players coaching that we do today.

Jcc: I have a life. It's now about applying but being in the profession of the job. This isn't your regular type of hiring process you moron.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Graczyk: I you don't know what race has to do with it you don't know the inside to KU. I've been there

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Wow I can't believe we were able to find a coach who has a 40% winning percentage! Way to hit the bushes Lew! I felt this was coming when Mangino was being investigated.

Let's be honest KU. An inside job on Mangino, a daughter at KU, the first black chancellor and now the first black coach at KU. We have become the Cal-Berkley of the Midwest.

I hope he wins for KU. There were certainly better candidate resumes out there. Today I don’t think we upgraded from Mangino. Let’s hope Men’s Basketball can meet most expectations this year!

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Miserable ending

If this was Mangino's last game at KU, he may consider his next coaching head job (if he gets one) on some mistakes he made this year.

First, why Clint Bowen is still the defensive coordinator is still a mystery to me. I’ve heard Mangino didn’t want him last year but Perkins intervened. KU's defense has been horrible, particularly the pass defense since Bowen took over.

Second, propping up Ressing prior to the Colorado game about the Heisman put Ressing in a funk the rest of the year. He actually played better as a sophomore than I think he did this year.

Play calling, as always been a mystery with Mangino teams but the last possession yesterday took the cake. Running the spread creates excitement, but there are times in a game where you go under center and run the damm ball.

Of all the negative vibes about Mangino the last several weeks, I will remember Mangino beat Nebraska twice, broke the streak against K-State, held his own against Missouri, took them to a BCS bowl and had consecutive bowl seasons. A major accomplishment for a coach who took over a terrible program thanks to Terry Allen. He also recruited some great kids, none better however than Kerry Meier. Meier had the opportunity to transfer, whine and complain about not being the starting quarterback, but he didn’t. If the roles were reversed between Ressing and Meier I would bet Ressing would have been the whiner. You got a sense of that this year when he was benched on occasion. Every team needs a Kerry Meier and KU will miss him more than any other senior next year.

Personally, I hope Mangino gets to stay because I don’t think we’ll find anyone better. I think Perkins has made him damaged goods with recruits and he'll probably be gone. If that is the case, then I hope the new Chancellor will cut her teeth and make sure we also get a new AD.

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