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Brownback to participate in ceremony commemorating 50th anniversary of March on Washington

yeah I'm pretty sure inside Brownback wishes this march never would have happened. What a complete hypocrite.

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Re-enactors live-tweet Quantrill's raid events

yeah no kidding! I absolutely love history, but I hate Twitter. Seems to cheapen it. That's the lame part.

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Re-enactors live-tweet Quantrill's raid events

does anyone else think this is really lame?

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

do you have health insurance, do you pay much in taxes? do you have medication that you have to take that isn't generic or over the counter, do you have student loans? do you have hospital bills? do you save money!?

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

no kidding! My pre-tax paycheck is close to 600, but I pay so much in taxes and for health insurance through my job that's it's nearly cut in half.

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

Some of the "waiters" or "checkers" went to college and have degrees and probably CAN DO what you do, but there aren't jobs in that field anymore, so they take whatever they can get. They have monstrous student loan debt and live way below the poverty line with an education that ten or fifteen years ago would have guaranteed them a job. You work 7 days a week, 2 jobs and you still can't make ends meet. There's something terribly wrong with that. I work with several people with Masters degrees who are "checkers." Check yourself before you talk about an experience that you've clearly never had.

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Lawrence ranked sixth best metro area for work-life balance, according to new report

HAHA what the heck? I have a college degree and work 2 jobs and barely squeak by. The median wage in this town compared to the cost of living is ridiculous! Lawrence may have a work life balance because you can hardly find a full time job with benefits!

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Plans for new downtown hotel and apartment building shrink

So are you suggesting that because some in the community would like to see a grocery store on this lot but do not have the funds to do it themselves that they can't have an opinion about what should go there? I'm a college graduate with a full time job. I work hard, but I can't 'put my money where my mouth is' because I'm paying student loans. I love this city, it's my home. I'd love to see a grocery store go in there, but I can't just go buy the lot from Doug Compton (or whoever owns it). If everyone that couldn't buy the lot and develop it let everyone that could do whatever they wanted, this whole town would be luxury hotels, restaurants and apartments. So people without money aren't entitled to an opinion about their own community?

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Plans for new downtown hotel and apartment building shrink

what?! First the giant building next to the parking structure and now a luxury hotel/apartment building right across the street?! Who is going to live there?! The Eldridge and The Oread, plus Hobbs Taylor and the 901 apartments, seem like more than enough meet the demand for luxury hotels/apts. Do we really need another one? It's not that big of a town.

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Lawrence version of Occupy Wall Street protest springs up

Is this a joke? Do you honestly think Wall St. and the banks only affect those with money in stocks? It controls our economy! The government is in bed with Wall St. and the banks. The government took OUR tax dollars, that should go to pay for the government to run, build infrastructure, fund schools and provide services to the public, and instead bailed out these big banks with OUR money! My tax dollars are given to fat cats on Wall Street, while I can't get affordable health care even though I work 40 hours a week! Of course it affects us! You're nuts if you think otherwise.

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