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Party Pix: Foxy By Proxy Halloween Hextravaganza

Maybe I don't get what the two people who appear to be in black face are supposed to be, but it seems to be in bad taste. I don't care what character they're supposed to be, it's still not appropriate. Why would you post those?

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Brownback discusses efforts to fight federal laws

so another term of wasting our tax money on fighting the federal government, instead of trying to work with them. awesome. glad i moved.

August 18, 2014 at 8:05 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Chamber of Commerce CEO confident despite lagging job growth, high taxes

Just now learned that Lawrence has a high tax rate, not many job opportunities and high cost of living. Try living as a low paid employee, living paycheck to paycheck to pay rent and student loans, plus the cost of food (and taxes on food). It's not news to a lot of people in Lawrence, welcome to your community.

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City asked to cut downtown employees a break on parking; talk of a downtown liquor store versus downtown grocery

Yeah, I love how that never even seemed to come up in this conversation! For me, it was always a safety thing. And that's why time and again, those yellow tickets would pop up on my car because it was the afternoon, no free place to park, not easy to leave your job to go move your car/get the chalk off your tires and hope to find another spot, and then by closing time I'd have a ticket.

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Lawrence schools: Five cool people behind the scenes

I know Bev from my old job at a bank, she was one of my favorite people to see everyday. She has such a genuine personality that makes people around her smile.

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Brownback to participate in ceremony commemorating 50th anniversary of March on Washington

yeah I'm pretty sure inside Brownback wishes this march never would have happened. What a complete hypocrite.

August 27, 2013 at 3:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Re-enactors live-tweet Quantrill's raid events

yeah no kidding! I absolutely love history, but I hate Twitter. Seems to cheapen it. That's the lame part.

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Re-enactors live-tweet Quantrill's raid events

does anyone else think this is really lame?

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

do you have health insurance, do you pay much in taxes? do you have medication that you have to take that isn't generic or over the counter, do you have student loans? do you have hospital bills? do you save money!?

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

no kidding! My pre-tax paycheck is close to 600, but I pay so much in taxes and for health insurance through my job that's it's nearly cut in half.

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