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Several hundred protest President-elect Trump in downtown Lawrence

How about some pictures of the march ljworld?

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New report says smoking ban has had no negative impact on liquor sales

Originally, as a smoker and drinker, I was opposed to the ban. But, I have come around and I like it better this way. With all the places having outdoor smoking areas and heaters, it's not bad at all. I don't go home from a night out with a sore throat and hair and clothing you could smell next door.

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KU student critically injured in accident at Iowa Street and Harvard Road

It may be because the light is SO short for the Harvard way and, seems like, it almost never changes. I have noticed myself almost missing it. I just get so used to not stopping there.

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No suspects in Dec. 26 burglary of Boys and Girls Club

What kind of vehicle were they driving to hide all those chairs? lol

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Free State wrestling hoping to maintain momentum

Nice Maurice!

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Double Take: Encourage son’s girlfriend to discuss birth control options with her parents

My son asked me a simmilar question last year and I took him for a discussion/condoms at the health dept. I suggested his girlfriend do the same. She was too scared to ask her custodial grandmother, who is a very strict older woman. I thought she had a problem getting birth control at 16 and the kids wanted me to take her. I was wondering, what are the rules/age limits for teens wanting birth control without a parent's consent?

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Louisiana State evacuates following bomb threat

Sooooo nothing has happened in the WHOLE WORLD, that interests us in Lawrence, since September 17th? Where is the news for this section?

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Gay marriage critics are old news

Here here!!

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Eisenhower Memorial to include high-tech features

This story is more than a week old. Why is there so little national news in the LJWorld?

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