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New business owner pedals his services downtown

I just flagged that advertising spam. ANNOYING!!!!! :(

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A senior’s citizen: Donna Bell devotes career to helping elderly

Donna Bell was the first person I met when I decided to have my mother move from home and into Brandon Woods due to dementia. Donna deeply cares about all of the residents there. My sister and I were having terrible feelings of guilt because we were no longer able to take care of our mother properly due to our own physical limitations. Donna told us all about Brandon Woods and the facilities. She said, " I want you to be just daughters again, not caretakers, and enjoy being with your Mom".

Thanks to her and all of the loving and caring staff at Brandon Woods, we are able to do that. I am so glad my Mom is there and because of these remarkable people, she is very happy and enjoying life. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful place for our senior citizens to live.

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Arrest made after sexual assault report

It doesn't matter where this happened. So what if it was in a trailer park?? Sickos live everywhere - this could have happened in Alvamar. It isn't the location - it is the sicko person.

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Advocates for disabled sue state over budget cuts

“I am both appalled and ashamed of the state of Kansas,” Spano said.

Me too. I am totally disgusted by the way they are treating the disabled. Cut something else and leave them alone!

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Lawrence woman arrested for child sex charges

Disgusting. Throw the book at her!

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New heart pumps new life into 49-year-old

What a great story! Maybe more people will sign up to be an organ donor now. I am an organ donor and proud of it! If I can help even just one person after my death, it is worth it!

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Eek! Strike fast to eliminate mouse in house

I can't recommend D-Con. My Mom used it when we were growing up and the mice died inside the walls and smelled the house up. Then Dad would have to cut the wall to get the dead mice out. The mice don't know they should "vacate the home before dying".

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LMH awaits construction on Eudora facility

Design work should be complete in April, said Gene Meyer, the hospital’s CEO.

Just the design work, not the actual construction.

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Stephens Realtor earns designation

Congratulations, Nancy!!!!

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Lawrence doesn't have enough volunteers to help those who need their sidewalk shoveled

The bus stop at 23rd by Taco John's is closed and not plowed. They want people to use the bus system and then they don't shovel and clean the bus stops so people can use them. Doesn't make sense.

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