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How did you hear about Sept. 11? What do you remember from that day?

I was working as a special education para in the Resource Room at Central Jr. High. A teacher said something about a plane hitting the tower, and then someone turned the TV sets on. As everyone watched in horror, a seventh grade girl asked me what was going on. I explained it the best I could, trying not to scare her. She looked up at me with such sad and innocent eyes, and asked me, "Why would someone want to hurt us? They don't even know us!" It broke my heart. I also remember worrying about my family and if they were safe and not knowing if the U.S. would be attacked in other parts of the country, especially here. I was so glad when I found out that my family was safe.

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Firefighters still working to extinguish fire that razed Lecompton cabinet company

Today's news
Firefighters still working to estinguish fire that razed Lecompton cabinet company.
Shouldn't that be "extinguish fire"?

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Cyclists on lookout for hit-and-run driver

That jerk could have killed someone. He doesn't deserve to have a driver's license. I hope they find him and he gets thrown in jail.

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From awful to awesome

As a reader, this sounds like a serious incident that should be reported. I would like to hear the details of what happened. Road rage is a serious issue - and a deadly one.

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Red Cross disaster teams offer guidance, comfort

Thanks for everything you do to help people in need!

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What is your favorite barbecue joint?

Zarda BBQ! YUM!

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Determination pays off for GED grads

Congratulations to all of the GED grads!

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100 Free Note Cards

Why pay for shipping for "Free" note cards when you can do it yourself with a Print Shop software program at home? I make business cards, birthday cards, etc. and the software has paid for itself now.

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Kansas Secretary of State salutes Woodlawn students with perfect attendance

As a former student and then later a para at Woodlawn, all I have to say is, "Way to go kids!"
You should be very proud!!

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