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Injury accident reported on Highway 24/59 north of Lawrence

my husband was at midland, his two friends are the one that found him ,and called police, he was not in his car , but i hope he will be ok, god bless you all

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Lawrence animal lovers pack natural ingredients into homemade pet treats

this is true, i only buy from pawsh wash ,i have a 14yr old,3 yr old dogs, and they only will eat the natural dog food, and treats, also the prairie dog food in a bag ,they dont eat as much, and they dont crap as much,also the owners there are awesome,you can get your pets washed,groomed by them or do it yourself, and believe me the natural food makes a difference in your dogs health and attitude,

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19-year-old killed, 4 injured in car accident

my son and his friends also knew casey, what a tragic thing, my prayers and thoughts are with caseys friends and family, and the others and there families that were involved,i also hope that the mean spirited leaves there comments to there selves.because no matter what they were and are loved, and yes this could happen to anyone,casey you will be missed,,

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1 dead, 4 injured in south Lawrence car wreck

i cant get the video to come up, can anyone tell me what kind of car was involved, my friends son lives near there? thanks

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Police investigating deaths of two men found near Amtrak station

people dont know how to be respectful anymore monkeypets, thats why this world has turned this bad!.yes, my heart goes out to there friends and family, and yes we can at anytime be homeless. and i pray god would make the ones on here that think there all that to walk in the homeless shoes also, sure theres ones that chose to but theres ones that dont, no matter who or where we came from we are all human, bled the same color, so please show some compassion on here for the deceased guys and there family.

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One woman killed, three people injured in K-10 accident

i had the privledge of meeting helen and her boys a few weeks ago as her friend was moving away, she was a special person, and you could tell she loved her kids,and we couldnt believe when her friend said her name and we both turned around, ironic we both have the same name, she will be missed, please let her daughter and sons know im here anytime for them

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Police receive report of another cat mutilation

first off, i feel for the ones who have lost there pets to the sicko out there! i wish the sicko would get ahold of my crazy cat, he would get what he deserved, trust me, the cat is honestly crazy, it was a drop off wild one, and if you are a stranger he will attack you like he is a dog, no kidding, he has gave stiches before, i pray that the sicko gets busted soon, cmon someone knows and needs the reward, turn the person in,,,

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Chiggers: fact and fiction

where i came from we didnt have them, i moved here to the country and wow what a wake up call,yes, bleach and washcloth comes in handy,lol,also a friend showed me to make a paste with meat tenderizer and water and it does work better then the polish, chiggerx and all the other crap,i havent tried the jr stuff,

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Police seek suspect in June 7 gunfire incident

isnt this the same story that was they were chasing a red acura, then they said the shots matched the house, the same red car was at the scene where the murders took place on delaware that night? roland, gage, kellam?

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Teen missing from Texas may be in Lawrence with older man

does anyone know anything about this guy?Like is from here? what he looks like or anything? This might help alot

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