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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

These comments are so funny to read because KU fans have no idea of what a winning football coach/program/etc/etc/ is!

This Gill guy is bringing in what i consider a very potent staff with former OU oc Chuck Long...WOW....I never believed KU was truly committed to being a program to mess with in football in the Big 12 but these hires by lew make me think otherwise and a bit worried that if our team doesn't turn around its misfits this season KU could be the new cream of the crop...KU fans don't have anything to compare to winning other than MM..who was a good coach..just not a winner..(Yeah they won the orange bowl..but they didn't play TX or OU that year)..these assistant coaches coming in are WINNERS!

Give these coaches a chance KU fans I guarantee you'll enjoy eating that blue Crow in a few years!

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Perkins did it his way

It takes a real AD to know that you don't fire your coach without someone on the table already, especially if you are trying to retain recruits which no one can do at this point because KU doesn't have a head coach. (recruits don't like unknows...they want to know who is coach too likeus)

It took OU 9 days to hire Bob Stoops after firing John you think OU's AD "wished up on a star" and Bob Stoops fell out of the air?

C'mon...Perkins is WAC/MAC/CONFERENCE USA material at best!

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Ole Miss official: Kansas hasn't inquired about Rebels coach Nutt

Mangino effects of success has already diluted kansas football fans into thinking the KU program is worthy of of 2 star coaches....LOL

Trust the experts...Nutt isn't leaving the 5 bedroom house and pool for the trailor with 1 tire on top of the roof...LOL

good one KS fans...

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Thanks to Self, KU reloaded better than UCLA

Only people who haven't followed Bill's career should be surprised. Look at his previous coaching jobs, he didn't bring in the 1 and done athletes. He brings the kids right behind those 1 and dones who truly believe in the college basketball experience and could still go high in the NBA eventually.

John Wall is long mile ahead of X but Wall won't be back at Kentucky next year!

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St. Louis prep Beal chooses Florida

Most top 10 recruits have aspirations beyond college gotta go play where that can develop and grow...not on a team with fellow talent...

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uhhh...nobody cares...LOL

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KU's Chancellor issues statement putting support behind Lew Perkins

KU = not a big time program..get whoever they can

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FINAL: KU survives Memphis, 57-55

KU wins the game but not in the polls...Look for the Duke's to trump the hawks because of a poor national showing....

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Documents show what it looks like when Mangino loses his temper


Don't forget about the time he was at his son's football game at Haskell stadium, waddled out of the stands on the field to bereate a referee in front of thousands of LHS players and fans.

Can you see the pattern of the okie sooners...they were shopping mangino around more than mangino was shopping himself...


...add the "DOT"..after number 2

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Highway Patrol to target game-day revelers

Make sure this memo get's to the men's basketball team :)

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